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Fine motor control

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I recently had a lesson with a student who is a very fine skier but has drastic differences between legs. The left leg is one inch shorter than the right leg and has had a hip replacement. No physical therapy followed during the recovery period.

The long leg appears to be weaker and only use gross motor function while the left leg is stronger and appears to have fine motor control. This results in some interesting turn mechanics.

How can the fine muscle coordination be improved in the weak leg. Would balancing on exerdiscs help or some other exercises?
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While there are many theories as to how to work this, i like to use a Feldenkria concept that involves letting the "good side" teach the "bad side."

For strength, start with a set of one legged squats on the stronger leg. Then, do a set on the weaker leg. For fine control, try a "toe arpeggio" on each foot. Start with the big toe, then lift each toe sequentially. Return from the pinky toe back to the big toe. Its very hard, and few people do it perfectly. But the act of trying can improve fine motor control.
Good luck!

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Pierre - does the shorter leg have a plate under the binding to compensate?
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