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kicked in the head

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not by a skier, but by 3 black adolescents, who, after giving up my wallet and backpack at gunpoint, with no resistence, stares, words at all, and facedown on the pavement - got kicked violently in the head. Punks. This didn't look like anything coming down, just 3 kids jumping over a fence between one apartment complex and another. Anybody who gets uneasy about racial stereotypes, well so was I, but not anymore. Everybody be careful. Better to scream and run at no threat than have this happen to anyone else.

This occurred on 1/20/04 in Sacramento, California - in the Arden area east of Fulton. It was not a "bad" section of town - but not 100% white. I lost a huge amount of blood. I did not lose conciousness or motor function, but it took 15 minutes for any police to arrive, and almost 20 for an ambulance - none of my neighbors would take me to the hospital or even let me inside their apartment or home and instead let me freeze in the cold. The suspects were not apprehended. I sustained some minor head fractures, small amount of brain bleeding, numerous lacerations and associated tissue loss. There was no increase in brain bleeding between CAT scans

In any case, the head surgeon told me that I had to take it easy until my CAT scans are clear (I have some kind of brain bleeding, they want the clots to resorb and not dislodge and cause a stroke) and he wants me to stay out of direct sunlight for 2-3 months to minimize scarring. I said I ski alot and normally wear soft head protection that I think would prevent sunlight. Right now they want the wounds to be open and undressed, only covered by polysporin to keep moist. At best, he didn't exclude skiing again this season entirely. I am in great physical condition otherwise, but I guess my head is important, eh?

I suspect another week or two until the wounds are closed. What does anybody think? Could I ski a least if it was cloudy outside?....and does soft head protection block UV or do I need to get one of these helmet things. I don't think the doctors will want too much direct pressure or rubbing of the wounds anytime soon so a helmet may be out.
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Glad your ok, it's a f@#ked up world we live in sometimes. As far as skiing, I'd take it easy until the Docs turn you loose. Head injuries are not to be taken lightly and with the extent of your injury I'd err on the side of caution. There's way to much going on at the slopes that you can't control to ensure that you don't sustain further injury. Get better now, ski better later. Take care.
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I hope everything goes OK with your injuries.

That really sucks but like Coach said, take it easy with something this serious.

When the doctors do clear you, make sure to ski at resorts with alot of kid racers because they can almost stop on a dime.

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That's brutal and I'm sorry to hear of it. Not a real warm feeling it would leave you for that neighbourhood. It's fun that you turned here so we could approve your skiing. I too would defer to the doctors. I would think the helmet would be the way to go since by the time you ski scalp wounds should be healed and the brain itself is a little more important. Good UV protection there as well. I have personally skied with a broken arm, cracked ribs and blown shoulder (different times) but brain injuries are totally different and I don't think it would be a good idea.
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Sorry to hear about the mugging and the injury. It really sucks to hear your so called "neighbors" were not very neighborly. I can't imagine not helping one of my neighbors. On the head injury, better to listen to your doctors. Head trauma is not something to take a chance with. A friend of mine was in an auto accident and suffered a concusion and was ordered not to do any skiing for at least 3 months. Well it's been 3 months and she still has issues with balance. A helmet is not going to do you any good if you fall and hit your head. Just look at Steve Young, Troy Aikman who sustained multiple concusions playing football. I hope you heal quickly.
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Thanks all:

Just to place this in context, despite the physical injuries, I have no symptons of any loss of brain function (motor skills, balance, short/long term memory etc.). The skull fractures feel like they are heeling. Headache is moderating. One of my eyes was damaged but no vision problems and it is expected to heal. It will be 3 weeks before they will scan my head my thought was.....if I am cleared to ski then, how to stay out the intense UV at 10,000+ feet? I wuz thinkin maybe there's some kind of UV-blocking bandana or somethin? It can get in the 30's in Feb-March and I don't wanna fry in a helmet. I know, I'm a helmet-hater but if docs make me (or won't let me ski), I'll do what they say. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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I would listen to the doctors - but only ones that ski.

Meanwhile, move out if you can. I used to live in Oakland. These are not safe places to live in. Better spend another 30 minutes in traffic but know that you are unlikely to be clubbed or mugged.
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well yeah - - - if anyone knows what its like to be beaten up at home, unable to move cuz you're in recovery, and living in fear of the un-caught muggers coming back to finish off the job, then lemme know. its off the yikes scale. I won't even take out the garbage.

altho my head is healing somewhat - still some swelling even after 3+ weeks. at least now the wounds are closed. I actually was talked into skiing - didn't fall or anything. I guess some slight, temporary aching where my head was smashed. I think the nerves are regenerating cuz I can move some of the muscles a little now. Took it kinda easy skiing, but was great to be outside, and out of gangstamento. Will go again soon.
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That's a real bummer. I would not have suggested trying skiing but since you have, good for you. Head/skull injuries are not to be taken lightly.

Hope you are feeling better and some of the anxiety is gone. Good luck and get well soon.

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I read this when you first posted it. I'm sorry I did not reply immediately. Your story brings back some memories that make me very angry.

On Sept. 8th, 2001, I escaped an attacker when I was out walking my greyhound. This was in Brookline Ma., a supposedly safe area. Despite my screams, the police informed me that nobody called them.

The next day, my neighbors told me that they looked out and saw an Hispanic male chasing a white female. Since I seemed to be ok, they neglected to call, because "the Brookline police are so hard on minorities!" :

These attacks continued in my neighborhood. Some happened as early as 8:00 pm. The "neighbors" stood in solidarity with the atttacker. The first few girls escaped. The guy is a fat out of shape pig.
But the "victim disarment" movement does not prevent the bad guys from getting guns, and that's exactly what our serial attacker did.

The next few girls were not so lucky. Three years later, the guy has not been caught! : Thank you Brookline residents.

When this first happened, my feeling was that I could no longer take my safety for granted. Ironically, 3 days later, I would learn how coorect that realization was.

In the long run, it was skiing that kept me sane. Just being in the mountains, away from the riff raff, is therapy.

So while I suggest that you be somewhat conservative about skiing after aa head injury, being on the mountains can heal the mental injury.

Get better soon! [img]graemlins/angel.gif[/img]
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that's just it, I'm feeling better physically, but the anxiety
still there- don't feel safe anymore - except when on ski slope and a few neighborhoods (like, do I need to drive to Davis to take a walk? guesso!). Will post another msg when my CT scans are cleared (2 wks).

Mebbe I ought to take 3 weeks of sick leave in utah?
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I think, for me, my reaction to your description of what happened to you was to be most dismayed by the lack of assistance by your neighbors. Ultimately, it seems to me, its the civility , compassion and shared sense of humanity of the people in a community and not the police who keep it from being tyrannized by the kind of people who attacked you. What's happened to that?
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Your anger is well-placed; an attacker who gets away comes back another day....policing should concentrate on investigating any potential violent crimes; in your case, you got no biggie. By then, people like me (or you) are seriously hurt.

To give you a feeling of the senseless crisis-management that exists in California as a result of prop 13; there were bloody footprints leading away from my assault - when provided a photo lineup of potential suspects (all looked too old) - I asked whether they had looked at any of their shoes; the sheriff responded "we can only afford to do DNA for murder or rape".

In any case, I am doing a little better...the surgeon removed a stray suture yesterday he missed a month ago (ouch); and advised mederma for the scars (that stuff itches like hell). Another week before I'm cleared for exercise etc. So don't tell anybody I'm going skiing again all weekend! (I'll be careful!).


The neighbors are not bad people....just in shock and scared to death at the gore of the blood and an injured person - - - people just don't know what to do besides call 911.
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Steve, please be very careful skiing, and get somebody to drive you. What's disgusting is that the cops would likely find those who did it had they killed you (DNA only for murder and rape) : Some Governator we got there!
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AlexG - It snowed, I skiied, I conquered, I didn't fall, and there is too damn much snow coming....if you see someone with a forehead like a cracked windshield, that's me...
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Sorry it took me awhile to reply, it not just in your city. Many people are moving out of the City of Elkhart to the country.

When I was working, one of the security guards (mind you he is also deputy sheriff) was attacked by a shop lifter. Thank God, a good Samaritan grabbed the guys arms. The shop lifter took hold of his maise(sp)can and was beating him in the face with it. The female manager just stood there with her mouth open in shock.

Meanwhile, I was on the phone with 911, and yelling: (Male managers was in the back doing inventory) "All Managers Code Blue" over the intercom.

Later (after John was OK) on I chuckled the memory of seeing the plumb store manager leaping over a register lane belt. Never thought I see the day he could move that fast.

All I can say is shame on the people who didn't help you.
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It's a twisted world, and wherever there are people running loose on the planet, there will be whacko's among us.

Some of them even post on epic. :

Speedy recovery to you, both physically and mentally.
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Originally posted by Bonni:
It's a twisted world, and wherever there are people running loose on the planet, there will be whacko's among us.

Some of them even post on epic. :

Speedy recovery to you, both physically and mentally.
Hummmmmmmmmmm I wander who you could be talking about... Hummmmmmm :
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Take 3 guesses, and the first SCSA doesn't count. [img]tongue.gif[/img] (oh cmon....lighten up!)
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