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8 days to go - need a 7 day emergency fitness program!

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This time next Saturday I'll be on my way to Utah.
I have just realised that I am currently at the worst state of fitness that I have been for several years.
Anyone suggest a 1 week fitness program that I can do for about an hour each evening?

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There was the old one where on Monday they sent a gorgeous long-legged brunette to your door, wearing next to nothing, saying 'if you catch me you can have me and do as you please'

Then on Tuesday they sent a more athletic, longer-legged blonde with the same line...on Wednesday came the even more amazing redhead...

and on the last day this REALLY big and ugly guy shows up saying 'if I catch you, I can have you and do as I please'...

As for proper fitness programs, I'll let the experts speak. I know I'm doing some running and some squats and I should've done a lot more.
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boy are you gonna pay.
i recall last year how beat you were midway through the gathering, after your academy time. you could be in for some true suffering come JH. and add a few beers to the mix. better you than me.

i'd say do what you can cardio-wise (but don't overdo it, you have a LOT of turns ahead). if you're in awful shape now, trying to rush yourself some fitness could very well backfire and have your arss kicked before it would've been otherwise.

cut back on the merlot and powerwalk a hill or two. take a healthy bike ride.

i'd suggest paying very close attention to maintaining fore-aft balance all the time you're on skis. staying centered and using less force will save you a bit of pain later when things (like lactic acid) begin to accrue.

luckily, i have TWO weeks to get my sorry self a little closer to being ready.

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Switch from arm lifts to leg lifts. With each foot, grip a beer stine with you're big toe and first met and alternate trying to drink the beer by lifting you're feet to you're mouth. Tough at first but somehow I am confident you will figure a way and gain flexability in the process! [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]

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1) Pick a pub that is further away than your regular pub.

2)Run to and from(as best you can) said establishment.
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winter paddling, Pierre!

oh no, that almost ignores the legs...

oh well. how about osmotic fitness? try sleeping with a fitness book or mag under your pillow. [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]
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Beer, wine, and water. It works for me. You don't have to limit yourself to a week either.

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No worries Fox. You are going to ski with the Bears, not a bunch of world class skiers. How hard can that be? [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]

Frankly, it is Snowbird that scares me, not physical fitness. That mountain has some scary runs and for a flatlander like myself, that is intimidating. But I am ready for some action man and I better see lots of powder, because I am tired of hard icy conditions.
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since you're also contending with altitude aclimation - doing cardio is very helpful. if you have access to a gym - you can use the elliptical and do intervals (add resistance to get the heart rate up) and then back it off - this will help your body utilize oxygen more efficiently. (I dunno exactly how effective it will be since it's only a week.)

your core strength is important - most important - and you can exercise abdominals everyday without any problems. there have been exercise programs posted within the forum here.

drinking LOTS of water now and when you get to UT will help tremendously. I was told the formula is (ok sorry it's in american measures) your weight/2 = how many ounces of water to drink per day when dealing with altitude.

have a GREAT time!
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