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Hi I am thinking about buying a norditrac....Is this a good piece of equipment to help get in better shape for skiing? Thanks......
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I have a Nordic Track and think it is great. It does great things for your aerobic capacity, legs, arms and back muscles.
I recommend it.

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I have used one for years and I love it for low-impact (no impact) aerobic training. It is great for building aerobic endurance and muscle stamina in general. As far as skiing goes, I think its is a great firt, but I would mention thatit does very little for the quads relative to the glutes and hamstrings so I would reccomemnd supplemental quad work in addition. But for general condition and aerobic fitness, I say you can't beat it.

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Thanks.....My boss brought one to work and I am taking it home to try out.....$75.00 so I think I will buy it...
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You can get a pretty good workout on it. I combine the NordicTrak with a Skier's Edge and weight training. My wife uses the NordicTrak exclusively, primarily for overall fitness. $75 seems like a decent price...
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$75? Sounds like I have a lift ticket sitting in my basement!

I used the NordicTrack ski machine for a few years, although now that I live a mile from the gym, I've stopped using it.
It did make a huge difference at the time. I used it for 30mins a day, 5 days a week.

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