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Thinking Of Buying Help

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Im thinking of buying some old Ex demo Atomic Stomps that are in great condition just some light damage to the top plate visuals. I ski Park and am learning more and am also a all mountain skier. I don't go in powder just groomed trails and park. I believe these will be good as they are in my price bracket and have twin tips which I am now looking for. Any advice and of comments?

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Your still learning so, IMO they would be a good fit for you and your budget.


As you get better you can see what others are skiing on and read reviews of those skis and then when your ready to move up, you'll have an idea of what you want.



Oh, Welcome to the forum.


Also, boots are the most important part. spend your time with a boot fitter getting a good boot for the type skiing you do. Talk with the boot fitter, not just a boot sales person. Find a good shop, tell us where you live or ski, may be we can recommend a boot fitter for you.

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Boots from a competent fitter first, skis second.
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No, boots first, lessons second, skis third. :D And FWIW, new park skis are famous for being the most deeply discounted skis about now online. Meanwhile, welcome to Epic. 


So here's your decision tree, assuming you're committed to twin tips that can also do all mountain: 1) Have you stopped growing, or do you ski more than one week a season? If no to the first, buy decent used boots at a slopeside shop and that's it. If yes to the first and no to the second, just get new boots, same place, and that's it for now. If yes to both, get new boots and the out of date, dinged Atomics if they're <$80 with bindings. 2) If they are over $80, or being sold flat, let them go; you'd be better off investing in decent freetyle boots and let the skis go for a season. 


Or put another way, don't get sucked into buying a meh pair of used skis when your skill sets would prefer good boots and some lessons...

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Thank You everyone for the help. My decision was to buy the skis. I already have a decent pair of boots but are my next to upgrade.
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