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MCL tweak/any links on good exercises?

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Tweaked the left on Moran Faces after New Years.
Looking for good exercises after it calms down.
It's a Grade 1 (subtle) sprain.
Anyone know what some typical PT exercises
will be? Thanks, John J

[ January 20, 2004, 04:33 PM: Message edited by: John J ]
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How bad was it?

Did you get x-rays and an MRI?

Is it still swollen?
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if you have any kind of insurance get an mri. pay the deduct early in the year and get the balance for free is one way to look at it. the best dr on the planet, not to mention you, can usually do no more than guess without one.

advice from someone who has been there.

good luck.
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No, It did not swell much, kept skiing for another 2.5 hours Started icing when back at the house. Next morn too stiff
to continue. Arrgh! See the orthopod on Mon. So I am still looking for exercise links.
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I did my MCL playing football (luckily out of ski season)Had the MRI and everything. I had a few tears and had also damaged my ACL years ago according to the scan.

Strictly speaking you need expert advice which will depend on the injury and severity. I was in a splint for 2 weeks and started on leg flexing exercises around the quads. The treatment changed in light of the old ACL injury. Light stuff with increasing repetitions with physio (ultrasound etc). It then moved onto the gym with more emphasis on balance and then impact. This was last May, pretty strong now although still have general knee pain and try to keep the muscles in shape.

Good luck
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