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Never the same again

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I made my first turns of the season yesterday. I had high hopes that my back was fully recovered from last years injury. After a couple hours, my back was noticeably sore. It was starting to get painful when I took hard hits. I was debating whether to pack it in. I took a break and then headed for some softer snow. After skiing 3 runs in the soft snow and taking the slow lift, I went back to my favorite runs and high speed lift. I don't know what happened but I was skiing harder and faster without any pain.

I was skiing in some heavy broken crud. I think my rusty skill level was contributing to the overcompensation in my core. The last 3 runs my legs were loose and responding much quicker. I packed it up after 4 hours. I have another trip planned for Friday with a large group. I want to be able to ski all day.

I just stretched today. If I don't feel significant improvement tomorrow, I will not do any weight training.
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Don't worry these things take time. I had back surgery in 99 for my herniated L5-S1. It took awhile before I felt realy good. I am back to skiing full throttle, bumps and all. I also ran my first marathon this year. Go easy take your time and keep training.
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Good news. I went back on Friday the 19th for my 40th bday. I skied hard all day. We even hit a few jumps in the terrain park. No problems all day. I woke up Saturday morning feeling better than I have all week. I just had a slight strain behind my right knee. But that is no big deal.

The weather conditions are too warm for skiing. I am looking forward to a long mtb ride tomorrow.
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