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Skiing Switch and ACL

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Have begun playing around with riding switch and a funny thought occurred to me -- somehow I end up worrying about the strangest s$%#! Is there any evidence or heresay out there that skiing backward == prone to ACL injuries? After all, we've all heard that Backward Slowly Twisting Falls lead to ACL injuries, and if you're actually skiing backward, aren't you a lot more likely to fall 'backward'? :

Just thought I'd share my paranoia with the rest of you guys. [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]

BTW, in the little bit I've tried its been very interesting -- I've been skiing so long and the movements are so natural that I no longer appreciate what a challenge it is to commit to a different edge and so on. Its given me new respect for the challenges novice skiers face!
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Anyone? I'm not looking for an informed opinion, the usual guess will do.
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Not being a doc, but having watched the ACL video many times, I dont think that there is a increase in risk to your acl by sking backwards. The acl is put at risk as you said in a backwards twisting fall when the skier levers teh knee with the back of the ski. Check out the photo below. How often do you think you would be in that position riding switch? When I've seen folks lose it skiing switch them usually fall toward their tips. Skiing is a risky sport, but I don't think that your increasing the risk to your acl rinding backwards. Ultimately you have to educate yourself and decide if it's something worth doing.

Now, how many of the young kids at your resort have you seen riding on their tails on the greens or back to the lift? I've seen tons at Alta. This represents a significant risk to their knees. I always try to educate them about it. It's fun, it's cool, it's also very dangerous.

Here's the whole article...

Good luck and ski safe.

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riding switch most definitely is tougher on the ACL mainly because you are riding in a position that is contrary to the knee's intended hinging direction

hyperextension of the knee can snap the ACL as easily as a twisting fall

I don't know where anyone would get the idea that it's not knee-risky to ski switch. that's utterly laughable.
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Your right. I was thinking only along the lines of the "traditional" model of ACL injury. I hadn't considered the hyper-extension thing. I never said it wasn't risky, I just initally I didn't think it was MORE risky...

Also there are alot of other issues riding with switch that haven't been touched on. Visibility for one. Also most folks just aren't as quick skiing switch. If we were made to ski backwards, we would have eyes in the back of our heads....

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