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Forward Lean in Boots - How much is too much?

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I had some boot work done a year or so ago and had spoilers inserted behind the top of my liner to increase the forward lean of the boot. IMO it did wonders to place me in a more agressive position. After skiing with them for half a season, I removed the spoilers because it was negatively impacting my posture from feedback during the Epic Ski Academy. Question on forward lean, how much is too much and is additional forward lean a crutch that limits range of motion which can hinder development of advanced skiing skills?

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I think the question of how much forward lean is too much varies from skier to skier, but from what I've come to believe that boots with a pronounced forward lean can have a negative effect on your skiing. Check out Harald Harb's website, www.harbskisystems.com. He has probably done more research on the subject than anyone else that I know of.
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Excessive foward lean can absolutely inhibit range of motion. As well it can make fore/aft adjustments less efficient. In a taller stance it is easier to slide your feet back and forth for these adjustments. From a more squat position it's harder to do without involving the C of Mass which will be a harder movement to control.
How much is too much depends on the length of your leg, shape of the calf muscle, proportion of upper to lower leg, amount of ankle flexion, ramp angle in the boot, ramp angle at the binding, size of foot/boot relative to leg length, core strength among other factors not popping to mind right away. So pretty much what Mac said, varies skier to skier.
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Check out this thread:

Long thread, but some good information. On the second page of the thread, Bob Barnes inserted a "Fore-Aft Balancing Moves" graphic that will probably be helpful in self diagnosing. I didn't re-read the thread, but my recollection is that Bob also posted some lengthy explanations on the topic that were - as usual - clear and insightful.

Good luck,

Chris Geib
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How much forward lean is too much depends on what and how you ski. It is very personal. I use about 18deg which is tons (Tomba and Giradelli had about 22deg). With greater forward lean, it makes for very aggressive skiing on hard snow in race-like conditions and turns. It is very tiring though when freeskiing, since there is always tension on the quads. After a few days of serious powder skiing, my legs are worked. Moderate forward lean is better for most people. More finesse and feel, better is powder and bumps.

Again, it is personal. If it felt good with the spoilers removed, it is probably better for you.
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