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Conditioning the Athletic Skier

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I am pleased to tell everyone that my article by this title will appear in a new magazine this January. The primary focus of EXHILARATE is sport specific conditioning.
Conditioning the Athletic Skier pays hommage to the Warren Witherell classic, by describing fitness programs that enhance the 10 qualities he believes to be apparant in athletic skiers.
If you've read my Cut to the Core article in TPS, this article will be less anecdotal and more practical.

BTW, if you are not a ski instructor, PSIA will be putting that article on their website. I'll keep you posted!
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excellent! can't wait to read it.
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Thanks Gonz. I've been wanting to write this for awhile. Lets hope this publication stays in business. A year round magazine that covers fitness for all sports is much needed.
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Congratulations! That sounds like a great magazine.
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Thanks Sue! Welcome to Epicski! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Thanks, LM. I've been lurking a few weeks now, mostly in this fitness area.
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I agree, LM. Also, I **really** like Witherell's classic, and I think you're very wise to create a program designed to emphasize his view of the proper athleticism for racing-style skiing.

curious - did you talk with the folks at Burke Mtn Academy? do you plan to do so?
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Gonz, this article practically "wrote itself." Before I knew it, I was beyond my maximum word count, so I never spoke yo the people at Burke. I do have some quotes from the exercise physiologist of the US Ski Team.
I'll let you know if this publication "flies." If it works out, anythinng you may want to write about cycling might be suitable, if you are interested.
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