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Fitball classes....

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Been doing fitball classes down at the local sports centre....

Very good for balance stuff.....

Have progressed from unable to sit with 1 leg off the floor to being able to kneel on all 4's on ball & lift 1 leg - replace - lift other leg replace & not fall.... (we use the wrestling training room & all landings are nicely padded)
The instructor has us catch balls & play hula hoops while on balls too.... (I can barely catch a ball - so hula hoop is a bit hard still)

Like the sort of mogul skiing while lying on back with feet on ball thingy....(that is part of my gym workout actually but hey it is fun!)

Impressed with instructor - for more info try Jordan at the Australian Institute of Sport
I think they use the following as email ais.fitness@ausport.gov.au
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Sounds like a really cool program! Hoola hoops while on the ball! Interesting! The mogul skiing thingy is one of the primary exercises we use to prevent ACL injury. It activates your hamstrings while in a balance challenged position, and your core has to be engaged to keep the ball from zig zagging.
How cool is that? [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Yeah - the advanced guys say hula hoops are hard - even just on arm - changing hands is very hard!
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