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Medicine Ball Weight

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I am looking into getting a medicine ball to use while on a wobble/bongo board, yoga ball,and a BOSU ball.

I am not sure if it is determined by weight or what but I am 5'7" 175 and my wife is a little shorter than me and weighs alittle less also.

Any recomendations for a good all around weight?

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I am not the expert here, but I can tell you from my own practice that the amount of weight I use varies. When I am doing a circuit of difficult exercises I use less weight because everything is more difficult.

I am usually happy with balls that weigh 3-4 Kgs. (I in decent shape as a woman at 5'2")

they sell some that you can "fill" with water and such so that you can vary the weight if you please. that might be an interesting option.

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Hey Scalce! So cool that you are getting into med ball training.
There are a nuber of factors to consider. If you are doing long term endurance exercise, go lighter. If you are working for plyometric power, go heavier. if you are playing catch with it while standing on the Bosu, use a ligher ball if the hand/eye coordination thing is not quite there yet.

Another thing to consider. How big are your wife's hands? I often have to wear a girl's size glove. The bigger med balls kill my nands. There are smaller ones that do have a higher weight, so take that into consideration.
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