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FS Blizzard Brahma 187cm w/ Salomon STH2 WTR 16's. Light Use. Perfect.

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Great skis, great price.


These are the 2013-2014 ski, skied at most 15 days, ALL on groomers. The bases are in PERFECT condition, nice fresh light structure. Tuned to 1/3. Bases are loaded with wax. They get waxed and touched up with a stone after every ski day. 


The top sheets on this model year tend to scratch, and these have some light scratching. It's very light on this pair, but that's why Blizzard changed the top sheets last season. To the eye, they look close to new. 


These are mounted with 2014 Salomon STH2 WTR 16's {the blue/white cosmetics}, which have  been used just the 15 days. The have some light paint wear marks and scratching. One bigger scratch on a heel piece, They function perfectly. I now ski this binding on all of my skis. Great binding. Mounted to a 305mm BSL, but keep in mind that the binding has 28mm of range. 


These are the exact same ski as this year's Brahma. 125-88-110. 20M radius. It's an incredibly versatile ski. I've skied it on hard snow, soft snow, 10" of powder, cruddy stuff and wind packed snow. 


I'm selling these as I just don't need them, or use them. I have a couple of pairs narrower cheater GS that I use when the snow is real firm at our home hill. I have a couple of soft snow skis that are 95-100mm wide, and I have real chargers and powder skis. The strength of this ski is it's versatility, IMO, and wherever I always have 3 or more pairs to ski on, so that's not a factor. 


I'm 5'11" and 200 lbs. I know smaller and bigger guys who ski this length, and I know both stronger and less skilled skiers who all really like it, and just rip on it….everywhere. Trees, bumps, steeps, groomers…..


If I were to have a one ski quiver, either East or West, this would be it. No question. 


I can sell these in a couple of ways:


-With the mounted Salomon's @ $385. $375

-With a pair of BRAND NEW 2014 STH2 WTR 16's {same binding, blue/white} @ $395 


OR….without bindings at $250. With a wood core and metal, these can easily be remounted with another binding with no problems, whatsoever. I have a pair of Bodacious that have three mounts on them, not a single problem with this core. 


The DIN range on the 16's is 7-16. Rock solid binding.


Please PM me with any questions and to discuss shipping. Shipping costs vary a ton right now depending on how we package these, and where you are. I'm just north of Boston. If you want new bindings, in the original boxes, they'll cost more to ship for example. If we remove the toe pieces and slide off the heels to ship, we can save you some shipping cost. 


NEW: IF you let me remove the toe pieces, and slide off the heels, and ship them in two different boxes, I'm willing to ship for $425, at MOST. If it costs less than $50 to ship, I'll refund the difference!


Sorry, but please don't ask about buying the bindings without the skis. Not for sale unless you're buying skis. I need them for other skis. 


Like I said, great skis, great condition. Great price!!! Pictures below. 














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Bump for a good deal..
What are you using on the not so hard days..

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Thanks. It is a great ski, and I've priced it for a good deal at this time of year. Perfect condition. Same ski as the 2015-2016 ski other than the top sheets. Has the harder base, like the newer Bonafides, and unlike the first 2012-2013 and earlier Bones. 


Our home hill in the East is Sugarloaf, and it's pretty darn firm there until mid-March, and even later some seasons. Faces north, high elevation for NE, etc. We also tend to be away as the snow gets softer, returning there in Mid-March for a month. 


So, most of my ski days in the NE are on the firm, and on either a 180cm Head speed, or a 178cm Dynastar Course Pro. When it's softer spring snow, or there's some fresh snow, I tend to ski a 187cm Bonafide in the NE. My son's a coach, skis on Blizzard, and I was given my first pair of Bonafides by him in the fall of 2012. I've got a couple of newer pairs, and I just tend to reach for them, as I'm so used to them. Too much overlap with an 88mm and a 98mm for me. If I didn't have the Bonafides, and the two cheaters {one is 74mm wide}, I'd keep the Brahma's, as they are really versatile….and by no means a "long ski" at 187cm. I think that term "one ski quiver" is a different one, but this is one ski that can work for a lot of people on almost all of their ski days, IMO. If I don't sell them, I may keep them for friends or family to use if they are headed East to ski, and don't want to bring skis.


This Brahma's a very nice ski. Just don't need them collecting dust. I also need to raise some funding for a new pair of boots for my wife!

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Mothers Day Bump. Good price, I think! Thanks!

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Bump, because there is a lot of discussion on the forum about this particular ski. These are in GREAT shape, with binding options, and a good price. PM me with any questions. Great ski. Just don't need them, as noted above. Thanks!

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Bumping again. Another option is for somebody to pick them up….Boston area. We can save you a ton of money with no shipping:


Skis unmounted: $250. 

Skis with the mounted STH2 16 WTR's:  $375

Skis with brand new unused STH2 16 WTR's mounted {either the same blue or the 2014015 season yellow:  $395 


Same prices if you send me a shipping label, and pay for the shipping. 


If I need to ship, I'll figure out the costs. I've been shocked at shipping prices of late, and have been burned by really underestimating them. Full disclosure!


This is a smoking good deal, because of my cost.  The Brahma has not changed other than cosmetics since introduced. When calculating your value, keep in mind that these skis were set up by one of the best specialty tuning shops in New England, Happy Tunes up at Sugarloaf. The bottoms have been lightly ground just once, bases are PERFECT, with a light multi condition structure. 1/3 tune. Bases loaded with wax. High end binding. I'm able to do this, as I'm able to buy at the right price. The typical shop price, when you factor in these bindings, the mount, the base work and tune, hot boxing……is a lot more than I pay. That's about $135-150, or more of labor. 


As mentioned above, they have at most 15 ski days on them. It might be more like 12. They're perfect. I find them very easy to ski, and pretty darn good in most everything. I just have too much overlap in my group of skis, and I'm trying to simplify things. If I were to have a single pair of East Coast skis, this would be it. I have plenty of friends, about 165lbs to 240lbs who ski this ski, in everything, and love it. 


Great one ski quiver for a very, very good price. They're sitting here, and I though somebody might be doing either post-season, or early pre-season planning!


PM me with questions. These need to go to a good home. Kind of surprised that I still have them….guess it's the time of year. 

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August Bump. Prices cut since first posted. Not looking to make a dime in shipping. You'll pay whatever the cheapest option is. No more.


This is a very good price, as these are in better shape than a new in the shrink-wrap ski. Base work done, light structure, hot-boxed, tuned to 1/3. Waxed after every single ski day, all 12-15 of them! 


Where are these deals when I want to BUY??? HaHa. Seriously just trying to thin out the herd. Way too much overlap in my stuff. 


PM me with any questions. Thanks. 

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GREAT SKIS, GREAT PRICE. Labor Day bump. Surprised to still have these at this price. Better than new condition. The bases have been set up the right way, 1/3 tune is perfect, bases loaded with wax and coated with summer travel wax. The top sheets have  absolutely minimal scratching. Bindings have the one scratch on the heel, otherwise look exceptional The exact same ski as the 2015-2016. 


PM me with questions, and to figure out the shipping options. Or pick them up just North of Boston. 

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Damn good deal. These should have been bought a long time ago. 

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Wow. These are a steal.
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Thanks for endorsing the price! I can also assure you that I know how to minimize the cost of shipping, so that the total cost will be a great deal!


Hope somebody can use them.


As I said, PM me. 

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MId-Month Bump. Great ski. Great condition. Great Price. Somebody will need them sooner or later. Thanks. 


PM me with any questions. Thanks! 

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Bump. $425, shipped in the Con US.  In perfect shape; much better than a new ski due to the base work, structure, and waxing. The ski is unchanged, other than the cosmetics, for the new season. Check out the details and pictures above. This is a great one ski quiver option. Perplexed that I still have them. 


Note that I'll swap on brand new {identical} bindings for an extra $20, if you'd prefer. 


PM me with any questions, and to discuss details. Thanks. 



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I should have said $425, ​at mostas if we can ship to you for less that $50, we will. I just have this knack for people living in places like Alaska, Seattle, and San Diego buying things from me, here in New England!


Skis need a good owner/pilot. They are PERFECT, and I don't need to be tempted keep more skis! 

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Bump, as it's snowing in ski country!  I've had TWO people agree to buy these, then inform me a day later that they can't do it now as they don't have the money. "These are a great deal, and I can't pass them up, but I need to……..before I can pay you." So still available. 


This is a PERFECT pair, set up the right way by an exceptional tuner. The works. Perfectly structured bases, sidewalls pulled, tuned to 1 and 3 degrees, she knew they were hot boxed for a number of cycles. They have been waxed every couple of days on snow since. Bases are loaded with wax. Not a single mark on the bases, or edges. Now I'll be bold…..I don't think there's another pair in this condition in existence. 


I think the ski if anything skis a tiny bit "short", so don't be out off by the length. I'm 5'10", 195-205 lbs, and I'm 61……and they work for me literally anywhere. I have only skied this pair on groomers, and in some light {8" or so} of fresh snow, etc. I've skied the same ski {my brother's} out west in bumps, trees, steeps. For me, these come as close to a "one ski quiver" as anything. So if you're a bigger guy, or a reasonably athletic guy….or just a good skier, the length will work. Very confident in that statement. My brother is about 165 lbs. I have a good friend on the ski who is at least 100 lbs. heavier. Works for both. 


GREAT ski. It's that time of year! 


PM me with any questions. Thanks.

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SOLD, pending payment and local pickup. If the deal falls through, they'll be back! "It ain't over 'til it's over!"



Thanks, E.S.!!

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SOLD. Paid for, picked up!
THANKS, E.S. !!!!!!!
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