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Boot Advice for Semi Funky feet.

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Hello,  All I currently ski in an older boot that is way to big.  I was just right 4 years ago when I weighed 300 lbs,  Currently in a Atomic B-Tech 80/90  28.5 


Street Shoe size is a 9.5 single wide .  I was just measured at Basin In Killington to be a US 9 with a 100 last,  heavy pronation from 27 to 28.  High instep and Medium to Large Calf.   I would like to be in a stiffer boot as I am more in the Steeps (blue and single black and up).  Looking at a few boots now.  I originally tried a Lang comp 120 before I switched to the B80.  Toes were always numb.  I know 1/2 sizes don't really exist.  Just what the local shops have.



Boots I am interested in: (only options I have available to me to buy ATM)


Nordica NRGY Pro 2 or 3 in either 26.5 or 27

Tecnica Ten.2 100 in 27.5

Tecnica Ten.2 120 in 26.5  (might be too wide but I do like a bit of room for toes)

ROSSIGNOL Alltrack 120  in 26.5

HEAD AdaptEdge 110 in 27.5



If I am missing any or Think I might be a better fit.  Please let me know.  I am planning on a footbed too just get it before ski season starts.  After I have worn the boot for a few days or so for fitment.  Also a boot that can be planed or canted too since I have 3 degrees on left foot and 1.5 degree on right foot of canting.  


Thanks Andrew

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So can't advise which boot will fit best without hands and eyes on.  Your fitter and your feet should be able to  tell however.


Don't know what you mean by heavy pronation 27 to 28, but a size 9 foot which no fitter should care about would typically measure a 26, which every fitter should care about.  If they are measuring you in U.S. size and then bring out the U.S. size boot, shop elsewhere, they don't know what they are doing.


Assume by single wide you mean "E".  Could fit a 100 with a little work and a 102 with no work for forefoot width.

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When I mean pronate,  I would watch my feet go from a 26.5-27 to 27.5-28, in a forward lean.  Thats mondopoint.  Maybe I am not using the correct term .  And they measured me to be a 27,  not street size.  Dont want to put the fitter down,  Tim know his stuff.  Just Its a 6+ hour drive to get to killington to get fitted.  I live in Delaware.    Thanks

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Better fit will be achieved if you have a well made footbed to control your mechanically loose foot, Go to the semi weight bearing size (265).  Footbeds vary a lot in functionality.  A very good footbed from a good boot fitter is the key element!

Bob G

BootDoctors- Telluride

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So,  I should stay away from 27-27.5 boots? Or Get one that fits close and get a footbed,  I just worry about packout too quickly with a 27 boot.  I will see if I can grab pictures of feet next round to show what I mean.  Need to get toenails trimmed before my photo opt.  

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correct, if your foot starts at about 26.5-27 then i would go with the 26.5 where possible, obviously we can't see your feet and it all depends on the shell check and how your foot sits in the shell, if you need another high er volume boot to put in the mix there is the new Hawx Magna from atomic in a 110 or 130 flex


the numb toes could be many things but if you calf muscle is large or you have restricted range of motion at your ankle joint then you will be loading the ball of the foot too much which will send those toes numb pretty quickly


have you fitter assess both ankle joint range of motion and calf muscle size at the top of the boot 

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