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Wide feet advice

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Hello dear boot experts, i would love some advice on wide feet!

I have riddiculously wide feet that a also quite long a us 12 to be exact. My problem is that i had to buy 28.5 boot as 29.5 was flapping arround. The boot is a lange xt100 which fits length wise but is very uncomfortable on the outer knuckle of my little toe of both feet. There also is not much room for my whole little toe in the front side of the boot. I am going to get a custom liner done this summer as theres no one around now where I live.

I was just wondering how much can the front of the lange xt be expanded and wether I may be better off getting a new shell to work wih and what brands would be suitable for moulding the shell to wide and slightly odd shaped feet? (When i say odd shaped i mean my little toe is squashed back and out from wearing narrow shoes when growing up.

Advice much appreciated.
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Impossible to advise here without pictures and much more information.  However, from your description your shells should work fine.  I wouldn't start with the liner.  Start with the shell which can easily be dramatically expanded.



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Hi Luke,

The XT 100 is mid range in width.  As Lou said, stretch the shell for width.  A custom liner won't gain much in that set up.

The Tecnica Ten2 HVL, Rossignol Alias, or Atomic Magna are the best of next season's wide fitting boots.

Bob G

BootDoctors- Telluride

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it may mean travelling a little but look for a shop and a fitter who can modify the shell, if they have an Ultracam stretcher then they can get right into that outer little toe edge and expand that along with the general width of the forefoot with little or no risk of collapsing or distorting the shell, as the others have said a liner won't help you much in terms of space, a well made footbed however can help a lot as it will reduce some of the spread of the foot and keep your foot in a more stable compact position.


let us know where you are we may be able to recommend someone closer to you then you think

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