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Trolling? The only one that might have been trolling was you, using that horrendous blog post as evidence. Plenty of sources out there driven by facts, if you want to make a serious argument.


As for the numbers, year-over-year results are up for every quarter I read. The company took a loose idea for a new product category and turned it into multi-billion-dollar business in a little over a decade; I think it can weather a couple of months of down stock prices without crying to Google to come save it. 


I guess we'll see, but GoPro is already at work expanding into emerging markets like drones, virtual reality, etc. There are also plenty of applications for small, high-performance cameras beyond filming adrenaline junkies, both now and on the horizon. 

yea, but it's not about comparing to last year, it's about comparing to last quarter.   If you're comparing a year back, you're already behind the game.


Nobody's saying they aren't a unicorn.  They're saying their trajectory may be now flatlining or headed down, which is why your comment on "right direction" seemed odd.


Also I'm not saying they're going to fail.  They can recover, but they need to adjust and make a change, their "direction" needs a correction.


I'm not posting the blog, i'm referring to the report you posted, where GoPro reported they missed their own guidance.  Meaning they missed their own goals accounting for all factors already, not hype goals set by others.  

No company wants to miss guidance so be assured the company themselves aren't thinking they are in the "right direction" as you say; they are furiously scrambling to recover or make a change

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Sorry, thought you were the same guy that posted the blog before. That would have at least been a reason to suggest I was "trolling". As is, don't see any reason to make such a suggestion.

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Also I'm not saying they're going to fail.  They can recover, but they need to adjust and make a change, their "direction" needs a correction.



You, maybe not, but the blog post I was responding to in the first place was complete doom and gloom suggesting that GoPro is over because everybody that wants an action cam has one and many are no longer interested in using the ones they have. The angle is that they're just praying somebody like Google or Facebook drops down and scoops them up. Had they used (any) facts to say 'GoPro needs to make a "correction"', I would not have even questioned it. 

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Looks like a great time to buy!

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