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Abdominal Training Myths

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The Calgary based publication, Impact Magazine has an interesting article about abdominal training. It debunks the myth of "spot reduction," and answers some questions about training the abs on a daily basis. And yes, it does say that Pilates will not make you lose belly fat. An ethical Pilates instructor will tell you the same thing!

Take a look at some of the other articles, too. They are in PDF files in the Editorial section. Along with Fitter1, Twist Conditioning, Stott Pilates and CanFitPro, Impact Magazine is another example of Canadian excellence in the fitness industry!

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Originally posted by Lisamarie:
An ethical Pilates instructor...[/url]
What is the difference between ordinary Pilates and "Ethical Pilates"? Is it some new variation of the excercise that cannot be done by lawyers, or something?



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I don't know much about this Pilates thing other than a lot of pro athletes are doing it now. I tend to be old school and do my crunches, leg lifts and a few variations to isolate the obliques. It works for me.
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