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Snownado (Dust Devil)

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I've seen little snow devils on ski slopes. The Weather Channel had a link to a recent snownado video. That got me to do a little research...


This Youtube video seems to offer one theory...



While this accuweather clip offers, shall we say, a polar opposite opinion?


Why would someone call a winter waterspout a snownado? At the end of this clip is a cool shot of multiple funnels.

(maybe because the sucked up water turns to snow?)



I like "snore-nado" (for some reason this won't embed)


Here's a vine clip.


Great art, but no. 


Here's the home version...




Here's a small one. I would just call that a snow devil though.


Here's a devilish pic:



This is the google images page for Snownado.




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I saw one of these, like in the first video, on Sunday while skiing at Marmot Basin in Jasper, Canada. It was pretty amazing! Couldn't believe how big it was. I've seen them before but not like this one.

I felt bad for the guy who skied right into it unintentionally. He was knocked right over. It even held up for a few meters when it hit the trees but then dissipated.
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