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Last chair

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There's always a rush to get First Chair.  I was in the Bahamas when that took place at Okemo this year but I did manage to grab the last chair of the season.  I got my Long Trail Ale snowboard with ancient step in bindings out of retirement for the occasion.


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JamesJ, Telerod15, The Colonel, Myself, and my two kids closed down Wintergreen last season.  My back was too messed up to ski after mid March this time.

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Last chair also good.  (more my speed than first chair!)

You have a loooooong time to get down

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Be careful when trying to get last chair while night skiing...


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That was a fun edit. We didn't make it to Okemo this spring but, next year we might take a day to ski there.  Thanks for sharing this and the last day/last chair.

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Hah, saw you guys come up . Was a couple minutes before. Not many there at the end except partiers on the summit deck. Halfpipe was still good at the end.
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