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Skiing while Pregnant

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I recently learned that a friend was pregnant. When I asked if she still planned to take some turns this season she replied no. I told her that I thought there would be no reason not to if she went with someone on a non-busy day and skied in her comfort zone or maybe a little less. I also advised she ask her ob/gyn before making any decisions.

What do you all think?
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Welcome, Ski4ever!
So 2 and a half years later, this topic returns! [img]smile.gif[/img]

Its long, but read the whole thing. What it comes down to, is "It depends."
Edie Thys skied pregnant, but then again, she is Edie Thys.
Much would depend on where she skis, her proficiency, and how stable she is. To avoid injury, she will have to be extremely careful about developing excessive flexibility as the relaxin kicks in.
Congrats to your friend!
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Having fathered three kids and raising a young ski family, I'll throw my $0.02 in here. (Yes, I read the 2 year-old thread.)

Simply put, it's a risk not worth taking. And this is a ski addict talking here, putting all his kids on skis and boards at 3YO.

Do you want to take a chance that you'll be faced with some injury to the baby that will leave YOU with a life sentence, caring for an impaired child the rest of your days? This WILL impair your free time to go skiing and will certainly impair your finances.

I would much rather take 9 months off from the slopes, and later be able to ski with my little snow bunnies the rest of my life. I have friends who are going through this now, with an brain-injured child. They've pretty much given up all their "fun" activities and have to take care of an impaired child 24 hours a day.

Imagine this. My wife went out skiing for the first time after our third child was born. She took a refresher private lesson and was along the side of a hill talking with the instructor. Before anyone could react, a totally out of control skier, nearly twice her size, came hurtling through the air and body slammed straight into her. Jammed her torso and face into the hardpack. Briefly unconscious. We spent the rest of the day at the hospital, she suffered a moderate concussion. And here was a moderately adept, skillful 20-year ski veteran, wearing a brain bucket to boot. Even if the baby was physically protected what about brief oxygen deprivation? I don't want to imagine it.

Now what if my wife was pregnant while standing aside the trail? What about the baby? There are simply events like this that are out of your control, you just can't get out of the way. No matter how skillful the racecar driver, sometimes you get hit anyways.

I vote that it's a chance not worth taking.
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(regarding that old thread, i am STILL working on that dang "creative writing endeavor." : )

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Well, it was Jan 1994 and my wife was 3 months pregnant then of our first kid.
The gynaecologist adviced us against downhill skiing, not for the activity per se, but for the risk of being hit by somebody and for the risks of falling.
Since the vacation had been booked a long time we decided to go anyway, and she took nordic skiing instead of dh (a classic example of:"Hey he said no dh skiing, didn't emntioned cross country").
She had a wonderful week skiing the nordic trails up and down the valley. The set up was that I was using the lifts to reach a rendezvous point, she was coming in with the nordic skis, we ate toghether and then on our way bak we went.
When we came back, the gynaecologist was a bit perplexed and told us that backcountry skiing could have been even more dangerous!
Anyway, as said, nothing bad happened, we enjoyed the week.
Later on, I read of a former Italian WC racer team member who skied until her last day of pregnancy (the name of the girl is Maria Rosa Quario, don't know if it rings a bell)
witout problems.
As always it all comes down to how athletic one person is,how well the person feels, how confident in her capacities (Know thy limits!) how willingly to do a potentially dangerous thing (not only for her, but for her to come child too) she is. And lastly, how she's going to carry out that activity (does she intend to huck cliffs???).
I'd consult a gynaecologist before doing anything.

I think I already wrote all this somewhere here, but couldn't find it.

P.S. bottom line, I never told my wife "hy why don't you want to ski? Just stasy in your comfort zone..."
That simple sentence would have been read as an attempt from me to force her out of her comfort zone.
Since your friend already decided for a "no", discussing with her about it, could lead to the same conclusion, no matter how you'll present the argument.
and once someone is not totally at ease, well, the damage is done.
This is my humble experience.

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