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Nordica Grand Prix RT

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Hey I was wondering if anyone had heard any reviews on these boots or had any info on the m. I know they are an older model that Nordica discontinued but these are fron about 2000-01...Not used or anything just NOS...any advice..the flex seems good...about 135. Help anyone? :
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I had that boot for a couple of seasons. It skied great but it was too stiff until I cut the sides a little.

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That's my current boot. I love them. They are a great all around boot. I'm 5' 11", 175 pounds and I found the stiffness just right for me. My son, who is around my height and 10 pounds lighter, had them when he was 18 & 19 and loved them, also. He wore his out after a couple hundred days. Mine are starting to show their age and I fear having to replace them.

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