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BOSU DVDs For Sale

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My wife has 3 extra BOSU DVDs that she is not using so we should probably sell them so someone can use them.

She was sent two orders by accident.

We have the following BOSU Pro Series DVDs:

Bosu Reactive Strength and Power with Gay Gasper

Bosu Core Synergy with Candice Copeland Brooks

Bosu Equilibrium with Jay Blahnik

I beleive they are $20 online but I will sell the 3 for $45 plus shipping.

My wife really likes the Gay and Candice ones but is not crazy about the Equilibirum one whoch is more yoga based but she doesn't like yoga.

There is no need for us to have copies of these DVDs so hopefully somebody wants them as they are great DVDs to go along with the BOSU.
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Hi Scalce!
I just got back from Pleasanton California where I was training with Candace and Douglas Brooks. These are great DVDS!
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