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It's All New *First Season With New Hip*

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Rehabing a knee was nothing compared to what the head goes through with a new hip.

My OS continues to tell me IF (as if there is an option here)I visit the slopes this coming season, I will see him in the operating room this winter.

He is ultra-conservative!

Soooooooooooo... I continue my workouts...weight machine...abs..Skier's Edge Machine...etc...and my ears remain selective in their input.

If any other THR skiers vist Granite Peak at Rib Mountain this season, give me a wave first. I would like to compare notes on the slope.

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A reknowned heli ski operator up here had a hip replaced a couple of seasons back. When I saw him I think about 5 or 6 weeks out he was walking up the bunny hill (slowly) and I'm pretty sure he was skiing late that season. He back guiding now.
I know another guy up at the Lake who's on in the years but he says the hip was the best thing he ever did. Don't recall him missing season just one year he started talking about his new hip.
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Good luck and I hope you can ski this season

I amd currently rehabbing a knee from an ACL blowout in Feb and surgery in late May and I hope to be out on the slopes as soon as it snows.

I went into surgery telling myself that I would not slack off and be ready to ski in late October or November.

So far I have been working out every other day, eating good, seeing Orthos/PT/Chiros/Clinical Massage, and just telling myself that I will be ready.

When did you have surgery and what are the normal recovery times for a hip replacement? I know my ACL rehab must seem like nothing compared to your situation but I wish you all the best.

I love skiing and obviously you do too.

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I really don't think the severity of the injury is a factor as much as the mental toll it takes on the skier.

If you are told, as I was, that your skiing days are over (ultra-conservative surgeon) you can be in for one nasty head trip!

Never make the mistake of showing your doctor your upcoming season ski pass after he has told you NO -NO! He flat out told me in a "HUFF" that he would see me in the operating room before February. He then went into his "Bo Jackson" speach (many times told) and when his lips stopped moving, I left.

Yes, I am currently looking for a new Orthopedic Surgeon. I did not have a choice when I had a sudden need for his services (accident) and I did utilize his expertice 3 months prior to the hip fracture when he scoped a medial meniscus for me. I was back on the race course in 17 days after that proceedure.

I have since then met and read about many, many other hip patients who have returned to skiing and are enjoying it emmensely.

So will I!

I won't even wish you "G'luck" with your ACL, as I am a firm believer that the desire to succeed will overcome any physical malady. You prepare the mind, the body follows, and the nay sayers retreat to their safe little space where they keep the adrenaline level set at "moderate".

I am already a year and one half past the date of the accident and resulting surgery for a total hip replacement. I forfeted last season, as I was still under the wing of my employer, and it would not have looked good if I had skied while not being able to perform my work duties (UPS). I would have done more damage than good, though, last season, as the muscles and bone where not ready to attack the hill. The head was there, the body had to wait.

40 days and counting!
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