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Searching for a training plan,need help

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Hi, I´m searching for a training plan, do you know any site where y could find it?
I´m looking for a preseason training plan , I usually go to a gym.
Thanks very much. [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]
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Japon-just check out what Lisa Marie put together in the thread: ultimate ski conditioning program -it's excellent.
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I bet this would get your A$$ in shape!

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Hi Japón,
You can find here something that I'm sure it's going to amaze you, by the way ,do you know the forum nevasport.com, it's made in Spain.
Salu2 [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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I second the comment about Lisa Marie's posts. Great source of info. FWIW, take a peek here:


Just this week, I added the Burpies and 5-dots (although I used a smaller square to get going) to my leg routines. He's right about the burpies!

Be sure to not try to do too much too quickly so as to avoid injuries.

Good luck!
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so here is a question... how about for those of us who HATE (i can not stress that enough) to go to the gym : ? for those of us who do not excercise inside... i abhor any type of weight training, gym schmoozing, indoor en masse exercise... i am more of a distance runner, and commuting bike rider, hiker (ski and dirt) etc. what can those of us who don';t, and won't, and can't (how much do they charge these days to hang out in a sweaty 'ol gym with top 40 dance musac pouring from the wall speakers???) go to a gym do to get in tip top shape for the ski season? :

there is nothing i dread more than the first few weeks of painful skiing while you are waiting for your body to catch up with your brain! i suffered a partially seperated shoulder last season, on christmas no less, and a friend destroyed her acl, i am determined to avoid further injuries, if at all possible... my thinking is that weights and gyms have been around for only so long, and people have gotten by just fine skiing without them, right? so, is there help for us gymphobics out there??? :
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Its so nice to be appreciated! [img]smile.gif[/img]
But never fear if you hate the gym! Did anyone see the TV clip of Janica's training plan? Her dad takes her, and her brother outdoors, has them walk on fences, jump over rocks, etc. Check out Outsideonline. They always show some fun outdoor drills.

Here's a fun, inexpensive outdoor drill you can try. Get a bunch of Hoola Hoops! Yes you heard me correctly! Go out to your local hill, and set them up in a pattern resembling turn shapes. You can either do one footed hops or 2 footed jumps.

On your first set, start to one side of the hoops, hop or jump in and out, travelling downhill. Jog or walk back up. Repeat on the other side.

Do the same thing travelling uphill. OUCH! Then the same thing across the hill.
Have fun!
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try this
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Dammit Doug! How did you get ahold of my picture?
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Just to let you all know, Nolo is about to send out the Welcome pack for the Epicski Academy Utah. Attendees will get a fitness program with over 40 exercises, complete with photos. Make sure you save the file!
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Just wondering if there is any chance foe those of us attending the Eastern Tuneup to get the training pack too??? (If not I understand, but it would certainly be appreciated.)
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