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Exercise Resource Chart

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http://performbetter.com/catalog/matriarch/MultiPiecePage.asp?PageID=63&PageName=ExerciseShee tsListing

You may want to print out the ones you like. PDF files have a way of "Disapearing" after awhile. Check out the Omni Ball, with the tubing atttached.
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Excellent website you posted there Lisamarie. I'd purchased a couple of the items, the dyna disc and airex balance pad through mail order but to my surprise they didn't come with any explanations or suggested exercises. I'd figured several of the suggested exercises on my own by playing around with them and it is nice to know I got some of them correct. I was particularly reassured by the idea of the protrusions on the dyna disc being used to stimulate receptors in the feet. Don't know if it works real well for me yet but it feels good.
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Speaking of the dyna disc, I was just playing around with this idea. If you have acess to a step or something you can put on and incline, put the disc at the apex and practice squats.

I also used the incline step for someone who was new to skiing. I had them put the disc at the highest point of the board. They turned sideways. Then I showed them the foot biomechanics of the side slip.
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