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Bulging Butts, the training thread

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got me to thinkin'...

i'd like to bulk up the ol' gluteus maximus, for skiing purposes, of course. any clues as to diet, specific exercises? any correlation between the ampleness of janica kostelic's caboose and her dominance, when healthy, on wc courses?
any pilates for the bee-hind?

i know this could really step up my skiing. thanks in advance for the HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLP.
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I showed this at the academy. Since I made it up, there are no photos.
Feet up on the stability ball, knees are bent.
Do the stability ball bridge.
Stay in the bridge with knees bent.
Lower one hip about an inch downward towards the floor.
Think of "making a fist with the butt" as you bring it back to center.
Repeat on the other side.
You can put a weight plate on your stomach for added resistance.
Weems said it reminded him of a racing technique for turn iniation that he calls "Shoot the Glute"
As you iniate each turn, contract the glute thhat corresponds to the turn direction.

Janica, BTW does all her training outdoors.
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