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Ski area closing dates

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There are a number of comments in the First Hand Reports area regarding why ski areas in Colorado close when there is still ample snow.  This is an annual topic in non-drought years.  Most of the comments state this is due to lease agreements with the US Forest Service, on which land most all of the areas sit.  However, it is not uncommon for areas to extend their closings, or reopen on weekends if they feel there will be ample usage.  One thing these conversations often overlook is the cost benefit analysis that ski resorts undertake to determine the point in the spring at which they will not see enough new paying customers to cover their daily expenses.  Many late season skiers have passes of one sort or another, although they still use the concessions which are profit centers for the resorts.  

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And? Not sure why you posted this. Of course it's all about the money.
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Because of the impression that the Forest Service determines opening and closing dates.

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It never fails. Every April/May Bachelor gets a second Winter and they close.
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