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Nordica Dobermann WC EDT 150

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hello, i have the occasion of purchasing a Dobermann WC 150, i think it is a model year 2011, but i'm not sure about some details
i own a EDT 130 2015 so i know the boot quite well
from the photos provided by the seller i can tell that the liner has laces, and the shell has "dobermann wc 150" written on it, it has the WC buckles made entirely from aluminium, with that rubber seal on the buckle mechanism, and has solid soles, but comparing with other photos i see 2 elements that do not match the world cup model :
1) the bucle placement looks like the pro model, where the cuff buckles are stacked together, whereas in the WC models they are far apart, the lower one touching the canting screw on the side
2) the soles of the boot have the EDT screws, and i know that the WC shell does not have those screws

so in conclusion please tell me the following aspects :

1)is the model shown in the photos really is a WC 150 EDT?
for model year 2011 those were the visual specs?
i know for sure that all WC models from nordica have a unibody lower shell, without any screws on sight
what makes me think it is a WC model is definitely the laced liner and the aluminium buckles, and the solid soles

2) does this model as it's shown in the photos come "sole lifted" and needs sole grinding back to DIN standard? or for this model the soles are DIN standard from the factory?

3) considering my foot length of 286mm and the shell size of 315 mm ( us 9, 27 mondopoint ), do you think it is the correct size?
my actual dobermanns feel short enough, but i feel the need of a tighter last size, which the WC can provide.
i'm afraid that if i go lower the liner won't stretch enough and i will bust my nails

thank you very much
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sounds like its the 98mm/pro shape, and not the 95mm WC shape.

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But as far as i know, none of the PRO shapes come with those full aluminium buckles with a rubber seal at the joint, and also none have a laced liner
The factory sticker with the allen wrench states clearly "dobermann wc 150"

Also if you search on google for nordica WC 150 2011 this same model appears

As far as i know the pro shape does not come in WC branding
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Look at this link, it is this exact boot, it is stated at 95mm last, with laced liner and 150 flex, and non replaceable soles
It doesn't have canting but i don't need it because i have straight legs

Maybe it was a kind of limited edition in the past years

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i've been searching for some reviews of this boot and i think that it is the first Nordica Dobermann with a polycarbonate zeppa instead of an aluminium one, probably first produced in 2010


the shell is closer to a PRO / EDT model, in the way the buckles are positioned and by the screws on the sides of the soles, but also has the characteristics of a WC shell, judging by the solid non replaceable soles ( the pro model, and edt have a little replaceable part at the heel sole ), by the laced liner, full aluminium buckles with a rubber seal, and the narrower 95mm last ( the PRO / EDT has 98 )


in the current lineup it is produced as a WC100 model, i can tell by the solid soles and the way the velcro strap is pinned to the cuff by a 3 screw piece ( the same as in the WC 150 i'm talking about )


so in essence it is a tighter fit than a pro, for sure, because of the narrower last and the laced liner, and both the sticker on the box and the one one the cuff and the user manual come with the WC tag on it...so i think they are for real







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hello, i think i solved the mistery with this shell difference between WC 150/130 and PRO 130 for the 2012 model year

i found a website with pictures of a lot of boots made from the same angle and judging by the pictures it is clearly visible that there is a shape difference between the two models


so the WC shell is almost entirely different than the PRO shell, it is taller, different buckles, narrower last, different soles with different EDT screw position, different logos ( shape of the letters is aligned to a bottom line on the WC model and aligned to the top on the PRO model ), the velcro strap is in a taller spot on the wc model, and the liner is laced with adjustable tongue, and with different bevel shape


the older dobermann had a PU liner tongue, this 2012 model has a foam tongue on the inside, and the buckle placement is similar to the pro model, whereas the old WC model and the 2015 one have the lower calf buckle very close to the offset screw from the canting setting


on the right side is the WC model, on the left side the PRO model

the only minus this model has is the lack of canting setup, but in my case it is not necessary because my calves are straight


i am interested in this model because it is a narrower last than my edt pro and the instep area seems lower ( you can tell by the pictures that the lower shell is flatter and the cuff part is shorter in the horizontal plane )


excuse me if i write too much but i feel the need to discover things and when i do i want to share the information with you

thanks :)



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