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Wobble Balance Boards????

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I just purchased a 16" round wobble board that adjusts its angle to 15 degrees, 17 degrees, and 20 degrees. It is from FitterFirst. I bought it to improve my balance but I am wondering how much I should expect to improve? I can feel a bit of a workout in my calves if I stand on it for a while and do the basic exercises. I must admit, I did little research before buying this but I did get a good deal.

I would love to get advice and opinions from anyone who uses one. Anyone who can shed some more light on the theory behind usin this device would also be appreciated. If you have any suggestions about other exercises that would benefit me, I would appreciate that information also.

Thanks, [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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I've had the same model for two years. Find it works for me. You do get better over time, able to hold it a steady position for longer and longer. Do if for a couple of hours watching ski movies and you'll find it gives a good work out on your stomach. Tried to do a situp later that day and couldn't do ONE.
Will do curls with some hand weights. Can't do one leg yet, still need a toe on the floor or the edge of the board. Off centre foot position works one leg more than the other. have tried squats but its hard on a 16" dia board.
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Just finished my PT session and one of my exercises was to do bicep curls on a balance device. 20 lbs each hand alternating on 20° is a challenge.
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I was considering buying the same thing, but am now leaning towards the DynaDiscs. I used those in PT for my knee. Anyone have any preference of one over the other? Advantages/disadvantages?

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Only used a disk thing, rubber air filled , once during a personnal training session. Didn't like it as much as my board but of course I'm used to that. Very narrow stance and don't think that it would be half a veristile. The disc is all pressure so angle at ankle doesn't change. So if on disk unbalanced one foot bottoms out whereas with board angle changes. Theres a big difference recovering from different angle positions on a board.

Could use a disk for one leg but I'm not sure how hard it would be. One leg/ foot on a board is pretty hard especally set at higher angle.

Though its hard on a 16" board you do have a wide enough stance to do squats ( Ok could to squalt with two discs). Can rotate on a board.
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If you do a search in fitness for either wobble boards, balance boards, or dyna discs, there a whole bunch of threads, some complte with pictures and/or video. The discs tend to be very helpful for people with unstable ankles, but all balance products are great for skiing. Check out the ULTIMATE SKI WORKOUT thread for ideas as to how to integrate balance training with strength training.

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I've got the wobble board that Ty has and later purchased a Bosu trainer. I am much more pleased with the Bosu - seems more versitile as I can do balance drills plus core strengthening.

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Bosu is freakin AMAZING!! We also have a few Bosu threads on this forum. Check them out.
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