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What is your ski ownership history?

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I thought this might be fun. Most of you seem to own multiple pairs of skis at any given time, but I've always had just a one-ski quiver. I started skiing in 1960. So here goes:


1960 - A succession of various wooden skis;
1964 - Erbacher (metal) Riesen Slalom (i.e., GS) 205 cm;
1966 - Fischer Alu RS 205 cm;
1969 - Fischer Superglass RS 205 cm;
1972 - Rossignol ROC 550 GS 205 cm;
1980 - K2 710 FO SL 195 cm;
1990 - Elan MBX 193 cm;
2000 - Atomic BetaRace 920 180 cm;
2015 - Fischer Progressor 900 170 cm.


We could do it with boots, too, but with the exception of moving from leather lace-up boots to 1st generation Langes in 1966, it seems less interesting.

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My ski ownership history will be significantly shorter than yours; I only started skiing in 2007.


2007- Rossignol Edge III 170cm (bought at a local ski swap, looked like they were ex-rentals)

2008- Head Xenon 7.0 170cm (demo skis but looked like they hadn't been used)

2014- Fischer Progressor 900 175cm (bought basically new from mogsie)



See? Much shorter but we still ended up on the same ski. Haha.

Great idea for a fun thread!

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~1987 K2 5500, unsure of length

~1992 K2 KVC, 195cm

1999 Rossignol Bandit X, 191cm

2008 Fischer Watea 94, 186cm

2008 Dynastar Huge Trouble, 185cm

2011 Praxis Concept, 187cm

2012 Elan Spire, 181cm


I've been skiing for 29 years but for most of that time I just owned a single pair of skis and skied them; I didn't think a whole lot about gear.  Consequently, my list is pretty short compared to what I know a lot of people here could post up.

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This is fuzzy, but here goes:

Late '60's/early 70's - rentals,including Volkls like this

1975 -Rossi Jr Race skis, red. Dunno model, but they were red and fast.

1978-ish: 165 Hexcel Hexcelerators

'80's: various demos, borrowed skis while in school,including: Rossi SM, 3G, 4G, 7S, Fischer GS skis, Dynamic VR27, Olin Mark IV, etc.

1995 - ~198 Salomon Force 9 2S (power 7, I think)

2000- 188 Volkl G30

2002 - 184 Volkl Vertigo Motion

2004-ish 178 Volkl AX3

2005-175 Volkl Superspeed/178 Volkl AX3

2006-2007 - 175 Volkl Superspeed/various demos

2008 - 183 Volkl Gotama

2010 - 183 Volkl Gotama/188 FRNT CRJ

2011-ish: 178 Stockli XXXL/180 4FRNT CRJ

2012: 180 Blizzard Bonafide/191 ON3P Caylor

2013 - 178 Dynastar Legend 94/186 Rossi Sickle

2014 -186 Rossi Sickle/178 Salomon Rocker 2 90

2015- 184 Faction Prodigy/183 Faction Royale

2016 - 186 ON3P Billy Goat/184 Faction Prodigy:183 Faction Royale
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Ummm I remember my first pair.
1971-White rockets.
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2015 - Atomic Nomad Blackeye 174


That's it. Guess I win for shortest list (unless you consider 0 items to still be a list).

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Best guess:


1967 - Lund Imperials

1969 - Yamaha All Around III

1971 (or so) - Olin Mark II VCE

1972 (or so) - Olin Mark II VCE warranty replacement

1973 (or so) - Olin Mark II VCE warranty replacement

1975 - Authier....somethings

1978 - Century IV's ???

1980 - Pre 1600 or maybe 1200 or...something

1981'ish - Pre- the white ones with the squiggly red patterned stripes

1982 - Dynamic VR17

1984 - Dynamic VR17 race stock

1987 - Head GS

1989 - Volkl P10

1992 - Volkl P20

1995 - Volkl VP19

1998 - Volkl PR 30

1998 - Volant Chubbs

2000 - Salomon X-Screams

2002 - Rossignol B3


After this, it's been a blur of Rossignols, mid-fat and fat. I'm sure I have some years wrong and I think I've probably missed a pair or two....or three in this sequence but that about rounds out what I can recall. Fun trying to remember this!

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those that i remember but have been on others I prefer to forget.

wooden skis Benner,Tyrolia Kastle, 

Toni Sailor

Yamaha all rounds

Fischer Super GT

Atomic World Cup

Atomic arc

Hart something

Dynamic vr17

Pre s 1200/1600

Olin: mark 1 mogul series

Olin mark iv

Olin dtsl

Dynastar Vertical

Dynastar 4x4 outland

Salomon Super force 3s

K2 something ??

Head monster

Volkl Gotama

Volkl ac50

Kastle fx94


next years plan is either Volkl 108 or Atomic Vantage 100

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1990 K2 5500

1994 K2 Extreme

1999 K2 Four

2007 Rossignol Bandit B2

2015 Kastle MX83*


I just bought the Kastles and am planning on having a two ski quiver for the first time. I'm currently looking at either the:

- Rossi Soul 7

- Volkl Matra

- Kastle FX104. 

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Oh my, my memory is pretty hazy on exact years - but I have pretty vivid memories of all the skis I've owned.  Here's the best I can do:


First skis (around 1970): a pretty beat up pair of used rental Head 360s.  Then...


Early 70s:

        Hart Rook

        Rossignol Strato 102


Mid 70s thru the 80s:

        Hart Freestyle (mulitiple pairs - kept 'delaming them)

        Dynastar S730

        Head Slalom (cracked edge)

        K2 244

        Dynamic VR17

        Head XRC

        Head Yahoo (180s)

        Head Yahoo 2 (190s)



Around the mid 90s, I got rid of all the above except the XRCs.  Then:



Around 1996:

       Rossignol Course Excess ("Ex's") - really loved these (still have 'em).



I had to leave skiing for several years, then:




      Salomon LX750

      Atomic D2 GS (didn't ski them until the next year)



      Kastle LX92

      K2 AMP Rictor 82xti

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180 Elan CR Comp w/Tyrolia 590
195 Fischer RC4 Vacuum w/Tyrolia 790
198 Elan PSX-2000 w/Tyrolia D10
180 HEAD Super XTi w/Tyrolia D10
178 HEAD iM75
192 Elan m777 w/Salomon 900
192 Elan m777 w/Salomon 912
192 Elan m777 w/Salomon 900
177 Nordica Beast 92 w/Salomon 912
193 HEAD Monster Cross w/Salomon 912
192 Dynastar 4x4 Powertrac w/Salomon 914
192 Elan 999 w/Salomon 914
190 4frnt VCT w/Salomon 914
Ninthward THA187 w/Salomon 914
185 Nordica Blower w/Salomon 914
193 Nordica Blower w/Salomon 916
190 Kneissel T@nker w/Salomon 914
186 HEAD MOJO 90 w/Salomon 914
186 Dynastar Big Trouble w/Salomon 900
185 Nordica Blower w/Duke
192 Elan m777 w/Salomon STH16
192 Atomic Thug w/ Atomic 916
186 Dynastar XXL
194 Faction Thirteen w/Salomon 916
190 Ninthward NGP w/Duke
195 SuperBRO w/916s
189 K2 Kung Fujas w/Duke
191 Faction 3.Zero w/Salomon 916
189 4frnt Turbo w/Duke
186 Coreupt Thrasher
188 Kastle MX108
190 Elan Boomerang w/Salomon 916
175 Elan SLX w/Salomon 916
186 4frnt EHP w/Salomon STH16
187 4frnt MSP w/Salomon 900
186 4frnt Renegade w/Salomon 916
186 Volant Spatula w/Tyrolia demo
189 K2 Shanetoon w/Salomon 916
189 Bluehouse Maestro w/Salomon 916
188 Whitedot Director w/Duke
192 Atomic Bentchetler w/Salomon STH16 STEEL
186 Blizzard Bodacious w/Salomon 916
193 Volant Huckster


For the most part, that's the order in which I bought them.


There were a whole bunch of Salomon and Rossignol race skis that I bought to poach bindings off, but those all got turned into furniture and whatnot, so I didn't list them.

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Head Something or Other ~155

Kneisel Something or Other ~155

Hexell Hexellerator 185


Atomic Arc SL 203 - have em

~1997 (What was the first year for the Rossi Bandits?)

Rossi Bandit XX 183 - have em


Salomon Scrambler Hot 166 - teaching skis


K2 Work Stinx 184


K2 Hardside 181


Icelantic Nomad RKR 171 - fresh days


Rossi E88 172 - every other day

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Originally Posted by Tominator View Post

I thought this might be fun. Most of you seem to own multiple pairs of skis at any given time, but I've always had just a one-ski quiver. I started skiing in 1960. So here goes:


1980 - K2 710 FO SL 195 cm;
1990 - Elan MBX 193 cm;

1- Yep except I had 710 205s

2- Yep except I had the MBX 14 (too soft, gave to gf), MBX 16 (too dead), MBX 26 (too cruisy), MBX R5 (now we're talking), MBX Rct  and then went on to the DRC caps. 

Originally Posted by jaobrien6 View Post


~1992 K2 KVC, 195cm

Yep, pranged the living daylights out of them, wound up having to bend them almost 180 degrees backwards in a vise just to get them useable/saleable


Originally Posted by noncrazycanuck View Post


Olin dtsl


Now *that* was a fun ski.    I had been on nasty grey Authiers all week that felt...well like rental skis.. and jumping on a borrowed pair of DTSLs was like discovering hero snow inside crispy crust. 

Originally Posted by Caucasian Asian View Post
192 Elan m777 w/Salomon STH16


Still have these. 

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Way too many to consider posting them all. 

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It would be too long...:D

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Cool thread.

My ski timeline, lot of years, but few skis, although gearing up since about 2000:):

1967-1968 no name brand (wooden skis, ~175 cms)

1968-1972 Fischer (red&white striped, 190cms)

1972-1978 Yamaha Hi Flex (blue&white striped, 195cms)

1978-1993 Dynastar (black/blue/green, 185cms, 400 ski days)

1993-2002 Blizzard (black/red/green, 190cms, last straight ski)

2002-2006 Fischer XTR Carve Plus (black, 183cms)

2006-present Fischer RX8 (orange, 175cms)

2003ish Volant V2 CHUBB, 175 cms (given to me by SkiMangoJazz around 2009)

2009 Stockli Stormrider L 170cm

2013 Nordica Burner 170cm

2014 Nordica Vagabond 177cm


Photo 1, Fischer ~1969 (me on right, Blue Knob, PA. Anybody ID buddy's skis on left?)

Photo 2, Yamaha ~1976 (Killington, VT)

Photo 3, Dynastar 1985 (Hunter Mtn, NY)

Photo 4, Fischer 2006 (skis in foreground, Wisp, MD)

Photo 5, Volant 2014 (Loveland, CO)

Photo 6, Nordica Vagabonds 2015 (Breckenridge, CO)








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  • c. 1967-68 some kind of home-made wood things with cable bindings
  • c. 1970 A&T skis - wood, but with some kind of shiny white plastic laminate topsheet. 
  • c. 1974 some other anonymous wooden skis with horrendous sticky yellow-lacquered bottoms and screw-in metal edges installed by my dad. These had brand-new Look step-in bindings. That was a HUGE deal. SO easy to put on and take off. I remember the day we went to the shop and got those bindings for those skis. They must have mounted them there, because they had me put boots on and click into the skis on a piece of carpet, while holding two railings. Then they had me lunge and twist out to make sure they were set correctly. (I know some of you guys still do this.) There was something funny about the transaction, and I now suspect that the shop did not really feel good about putting state-of-the-art bindings on skis that must have dated back to about 1959 and had perhaps not been high-end material even then. I'm sure he saw the people at the shop as snobs trying to sell him a bunch of overpriced crap he didn't need, that was more suited to younger suburban families with their posturing conspicuous consumption. To his credit, Dad was a do-it-yourself depression-era guy who did not believe everything good had to come from a store or be done by professionals. On the other hand, he didn't always notice when homemade efforts simply were not up to the job. These are the skis I broke my leg on at Okemo. In hindsight it's no f-ing wonder I wasn't able to keep up with my friends on those things!
  • c. 1975 apparently my dad recognized belatedly how pathetic it was to be trying to ski on the above boards, so he showed up one day with a pair of brand-new Hart Gremlins - my first fiberglass skis, and the first skis I had with a decent (P-tex) base. I think this was the pair that originally had Americana plate bindings on them, with the red, white, and blue safety strap. I could never make those work. Don't remember why - probably I wasn't heavy enough to push the plate down past the piston. Ended up with Salomon 444s.
  • c. 1977 Kastle Newstyle Champions 170cm, same 444s
  • c. 1981 Olin Mark VI Slaloms can't remember if they were 190s or 195s
  • c. 1991 K2 KVC Comp 8.3s 190cm, like jaobrien6's
  • c. 1999 Volkl Carver Vectris V30 184cm (first shaped ski, before I drank the Kool-Aid on length)
  • [and now we come into the modern era, which is even more boring]
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Excellent thread!
1963-1967: nameless wood skis
1968: Head 240 with Cubco bindings (only pair of old skis I wish I still had-with Heinke leather buckle boots for Christmas!)
197?: Kneissel Blue Star
197?: Hexcel Hexcellerator
1976; Olin Mark IV
1977: Olin Mark VI
1979: K2 810
1981: Dynastar Omniglass II
1983: Kazama (anyone else have a pair of Kazama 207's with holes in the tips?)
1987: Atomin Arc
Then a whole bunch since then. Fischer, Dynastar, Stoklie. Volkle, (Still wish I had the Head 240's!)
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1969 Head 320 - 205 cm  

1970 Head 720 - 208 cm (still have 'em)

1972 Kneissl Red Star SL - 205 cm (still have 'em)

1974 Hot Head - 180 cm

1975 Hart Ballet - 160 cm (still have 'em) 

1978 K2 710 Comp - 204 cm (still have 'em)

1984-2002 only one ski trip :(

199? 1975-ish K2 Shorts rentals - 150 cm - found them seeking refuge in my garage - don't know where they came from (still have 'em)

2002 Dynastar MPI TR - 170 cm (commandeered the wife's skis when ski couldn't ski any more)

2008 Rossi Cut Stage 2 - 140 cm

2008 Head Mojo 80 -163 cm

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A L & W Arlberg wood skis with screw in segmented metal edges and cable bear trap bindings

Tony Sailer

Fischer Alu



Rossignol Roc 550

K2 Bermuda Shorts 180cm

Rossignol Strato 105 195cm

Rossignol ST Comp 200cm

Dura Fiber

Amman skis



Kneissel Red Star

Head (215cm ladies DH, It wouldn't turn unless going 30mph + or in the air.)

Rossignol ST Comp Series R 195cm

Kastle Super G 208cm

Blizzard GS 210cm

Amman skis



Volkl Explosiv R 204cm

Volkl P10 207cm

Volkl Race Carver 200cm

Volkl Snow Ranger two pair both 200cm




Volkl Vertigo Motion

Volkl G30

Volkl G31 two pair 198cm and 191cm

Fischer Big Stix 180cm

Nordica Hot Rod Jet Fuel 178cm (current rock ski, worn opening day only this year)

Elan 666




Skiing on my Demo Centre employer's fleet, plus:

Line Prophet 115

Elan 888 177cm

Blizzard Bonafide 180cm (current ski)

Kastle MX83 183cm (current ski)


I'm probably forgetting some that were forgettable, but doing this list has brought back some good memories.

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1978   Dynastar (some house model from Ski Barn, NJ with Chinese characters on the tail)

1981ish Olin Mark IV - The cool orange ones.

1982   Olin Mark IV - Red, Warranty replacement for cool orange skis.

1986   Rossignol 4s - The cool teal ones.

1995-2000 The Dark years. Original Sin and Burton snowboards.

2000  Atomic Beta Ride 9.16


2003 Joined Epicski....and it's all a blur till now.


Head Monster iM 75

Head Monster iM 82

Line Prophet 90

Fischer RX

Rossignol S3

Kastle MX78

Kastle LX92

Blizzard Cochise

Blizzard Mag ti 8.5

Rossignol Soul 7

Blizzard Brahma


Plus a few others I can't seem to remember.

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Rossi Snowbird 170 cm - Sometime in the 70's from Ski Barn NJ - Hanson Avantis, Yellow (who wants to touch me?) from Wild Ridge Sports, Wyckoff, NJ

Rossi CM's 180 cm - Late 70's - Salomon SX-90 

Rossi 4S 200 cm - Early 80's - Nordica 980's 

Rossi 4M 195 cm - Mid 80's - Raichle Flexon 

Dynastar X8 195 cm - Early 90's - Lange Banshee from Aspen East, Killington

Dynastar Pro Course S 195 cm - Mid 90's (damn those were great skis!) Lange X-9 

Atomic PCM 198 cm - Late 90's 

K2 Outlaw 190 cm - Late 90.s 

Salomon 1080 mogul 180 cm - Early 2000's - Lange L10 

Salomon 1080 (the original) 177cm Early 2000's Lange Comp 140 LF Foam

Salomon 1080 (2nd generation) 171 cm 2003/4

Salomon Pocket Rocket (the blue noodle) 175 cm 2003/4

Salomon 1080 Thruster 171cm (2nd gen 1080 with tip rivots) 2004 or 5 - Lange Comp 130 LF

Salomon Thruster (3rd gen, 83mm waist) 171 cm late 2000's with sweet monkey graphics Lange Comp 120 LF

Salomon Lord 177 cm - 2010ish - 1st Gen Dalbello Krypton Pro (because I got tired of breaking langes, and cold feet)

Fatypus D-Sender 174 cm - 2011ish - 2nd Gen Dalbello Krypton Cross

PM Gear Lhasa Pow 186 cm 2012 (meh) 2nd Gen Dalbello Krypton Rampage (because they were cheap) 

Moment Tahoe 180 cm 2013 (meh)

Fatypus I-Rock FT 176 cm 2013

Salomon Rocker2 92 179 cm 2013

2014 Dalbello KR2 Fusion ID

Will be picking up a pair of Salomon Rocker2 100's, as soon as I can score a sweet deal.


In the past 20 years, the only ski I didn't buy on closeout was the 1080 mogul. I skied them for a season, broke them, had them warrantied, skied them a few times, then sold them. Since then I've come to the conclusion that there is no single ski so fabulous that it is worth paying full retail for. If I can't get in on closeout, I'll go with something else. 

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This thread already exists elsewhere in the forum


What skis do you own? whats ski have you actually skied on? The real 'gear guru" thread


Can we/should we ask a moderator to merge them?


Mine from the old thread with updates:

Originally Posted by crgildart View Post

Over the years:

Sears toy skis with poles

Northlands cut down from 200 cm to about 130 cm

Hart Gremlin 160 cm

Dynastar Tempest 150 cm

hart Freestyle 140 cm

K2 233 Mid 160 cm

Rossignol FM 175 cm

K2 710 FO 190 cm

Salamon Lab GS 185





Brand Model Length Type Waist Radius Bindings
Head iSuperShape WC 170 Race SL Sub 70 12 Head FF
Salomon Scream 10 Pilot 186 All Mountain 70 19 Salomon
K2 Public Enemy 179 Twin/All Mountain 80 19.5 Salomon
K2 CaBrawler 179 Bump Ski Sub 70 21 Salomon
Nordica GSR  Doberman WC 181 Race GS Sub 70 21 Salomon
K2 Four 193 Race GS Sub 70 21 Marker
Nordica W80 178 MidFat 80 22 Marker
Elan M999 192 Powder 99 28 Rossi
RD Coyote HeliDog 183 Powder 91 32 Marker
Hart F-17 177 Bump Ski Sub 70 Straight Look
K2 VO Slalom 204 Race SL Sub 70 Straight Look
K2 812 195 Race GS Sub 70 Straight Salomon
hart Freespirit 150 Freestyle Sub 70 Straight Salomon


red skis have been retired



I also have K2 Fattypuss Ski Blades and a Burton Junkyard Snow Skate.

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Originally Posted by cantunamunch View Post

1- Yep except I had 710 205s

2- Yep except I had the MBX 14 (too soft, gave to gf), MBX 16 (too dead), MBX 26 (too cruisy), MBX R5 (now we're talking), MBX Rct  and then went on to the DRC caps. 


Actually, my brother gave me the K2 710 FO SL's probably somewhere in the mid-80's after I hadn't skied for a few years. But I believe they were from 1980. They said, "Limited Edition, for Olympic Competition," on the tips. Look Nevada toe and Grand Prix heel. They're on the wall of his ski house now.


And the Elans: now I remember - they were MBX 26's. Yes, too cruisy. They had Geze bindings which fell apart one day while stepping into them!.

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Originally Posted by Tominator View Post

Actually, my brother gave me the K2 710 FO SL's probably somewhere in the mid-80's after I hadn't skied for a few years. But I believe they were from 1980. They said, "Limited Edition, for Olympic Competition," on the tips. Look Nevada toe and Grand Prix heel. They're on the wall of his ski house now.


And the Elans: now I remember - they were MBX 26's. Yes, too cruisy. They had Geze bindings which fell apart one day while stepping into them!.

Another friend of mine had that edition as well.  He got them fall of 1980 but they were probably available fall of 79 in preparation for the 80 Winter Olympics.

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Originally Posted by Tominator View Post
Originally Posted by cantunamunch View Post


And the Elans: now I remember - they were MBX 26's. Yes, too cruisy. They had Geze bindings which fell apart one day while stepping into them!.


On my Rcts:


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Always had one ski quivers -- new skis relegated the old ones to rock skis/throw in the trash skis:


1978:  Intermediate Rossi something-or-other in about 180 length

1989:  Elan something or other in 190, I think

1992:  Salomon 8000 2S in something like 202-203 (I think they were called Power 8 length during a time when Sally thought it cool to label them something other than CMs)

2003:  Dynastar Ski Cross 66 in 178

2014:  Kastle FX84 in 176


My pattern with skis has been a lot like my pattern with golf irons:  new about every ten years.  Perhaps that will change going forward.

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60s - POS wooden skis with metal edges that vibrated like crazy

70s - Various used bargain shop /Sally Ann wooden skis with various edge configurations from none to screwed on to built in - eventually upgraded to real wood-core fibre glass skis with built in edges.  Mostly stayed with Dynastar GS.

80s - Moved from Dynastar GS to Kastle SGs as main ski, but some others passed through including Fischer Vacuum RC4 SLs, Blizzard SL,  - demoed and rented a lot of other skis including Dynastar SLs (many times), Rossi 4S and 4K. 

90s Pretty much stayed with Kastle SG, but also had some 2nd hand Kastle recreational skis pass (Special R) through the quiver - demoed other skis nothing too memorable.

2000s Fischer RC4 WC SC - also included in quiver Volant Machete G, Volkl P50 F1, rarely got to a big enough mountain to ski the SGs - demoed lots of other skis just for fun.

2010s no change from 2000s.

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Originally Posted by cantunamunch View Post


On my Rcts:


That is a sweet DIN indicator arrow.  However, I though you'd ski a tad higher than 8, perhaps 8.5?

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It's interesting how a lot of us old timers would go with a one ski quiver for 10-15 years, myself included.  Now that would feel like playing 18 holes of golf with nothing but a five iron.;)   

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