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Two Questions re: Head Raptor 130 RS

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Hello. I tried on some Head Raptor 130 RS yesterday and wore them again today for 30 minutes. Lots of good things about these boots but I also have a few questions.


1. The right boot was notably softer in flex than the left boot (with all the buckles strapped the same). These boots were right out of the box - each came with one screw in the spine (screws were in tight). In addition to my right knee traveling over my toes one could see the lower shell of the right boot widen out during flexing more than the left boot.

Is this normal or an indication that there's a problem with one of the boots? I welcome any thoughts and suggestions.


2. The stock liners in these boots have a plastic sheath over the tongue. In the mid-to-upper instep area there are two horizontal openings/cutouts maybe 2.5" x 3/8" and they have raised edges that contact (and are compressed down by) the cuff flaps.  On my left foot/leg, there was some pretty focused pressure on the outside/left of the lower shin (on muscle not bone) that appeared to align with one of these cutouts. It would have been unpleasant to ski with this pressure, at least if sking terrain where I am flexing a lot. On the right boot I felt no such pressure.


It appears that it would be easy to grind the ridge down to lessen/eliminate the pressure described. Is this something a bootfitter could do?


Thank you in advance for any answers you provide.




My profile: 172 lbs, 6 ft, athletic mid-40s, just starting up skiing after 22 yrs away from it, adv intermediate with ambitions, 27 mondo, 10-10.5 street shoe, 28.5-29mm instep (measured by me, so not sure if accurate)

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Boots often feel slightly different flex left and right in the store and I tend not to worry about it.  No one has ever complained they could feel it when they skied.


Many shells puff out in the navicular area when flexed, but it is nice if they don't.  It can mean there is too much volume there.  I'd try on other narrower boots b before you chose.



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Thanks for your reply, Lou. Yep, got some Lange LVs and Patron Pros coming via UPS tomorrow. Already tried the X Max 130 and that fit like a glove out of the box.

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