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As I have said on this forum before, you can manipulate stance width with making canting adjustments.   That said,  if your intent is to balance on the inside edge of the outside ski during your turn,  then a stance width that exceeds the ideal width that allows for balancing  on the outside ski is too wide.  You can test this both with a straight run and during turning.  Just lift the inside ski.  If you can not lift the inside ski and balance on the outside ski without moving your upper body towards the outside leg, then your stance is too wide.   Whether or not we believe that most turns require that we are balanced on the outside ski is food for another discussion.  YM 

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But that is my point, you should NOT do that....  Don't spread your feet by spreading your legs.  They will spread themselves due to long leg short leg and inclination.  If you spread your legs any more then that you are probably introducing a apex anyway as you said when dropping low into high speed turns.



This is good!  To a point.  I think Rick also suggested that SL racers do self designate their skis to be closer together through a slalom course.  However I personally think this is accomplished by maintaining extremely narrow stance between the legs...literally overlapping.  Narrower then the natural bio mechanically neutral position under the hip socket.  The feet still are going to separate on the snow a little bit at high edge angle due to long leg short leg.  So there is a reason to self designate a closer distance between the skis then the natural result of a neutral stance.


I honestly cannot think of any good reason to self designate your skis to be any wider then their natural outcome of a bio mechanically neutral stance and whatever ends up with long long short the apex.  At transition is another matter.


I am pretty sure I can work with that in light of most of what I have been thinking and writing, some declaration, some discovery. Now that I think of it, the only intentional stance width I have ever self designated has been to tighten my stance to make bumps and powder easier to negotiate. I have always felt my stance get wider with higher edge angles and thought I may have been doing it with my legs but now, that makes no sense to me. It bis occurring with a rising knee from inside leg flex and corresponding heightening edge angles. Between you and Rick, I feel like I just streamlined some nonsense out of my skiing. Thank you for pointing that out!

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Captain, sounds like you think we are talking about feet here and not just a few inches...


A few inches per gate determines who wins the race and who finishes in 20th or lower position...

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A few inches per gate determines who wins the race and who finishes in 20th or lower position...

Yes, but not laterally. :)

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