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Off-season buying Skis

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So I was looking on some skis to buy and I stumbled upon on what seems a good deal... Original retail price of skis and bindings was aprox. 800 Euros, what I found was 500 Euros for skis and bindings of the season 14/15. Question you think they will lower the prices even more as the summer is coming or is it like the best deal I can get?

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Your on-sale skis are approx 40% off  ( 800E  ->  500E ).

I don't think there is that much more margin in it to lower much further.

If the ski is an old model, maybe yes, but doubtful if it is a current model.

You also run the risk of the shop not having stock in your size if you wait too long

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40% off is an average sale price.  A lot of this depends on what skis they are and what kind of demand there is for them.  


Do you mind telling us what skis these are? 

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Line Sir Francis Bacon 2014/15 skis and Marker Jester 16 2014/15 bindings

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Originally Posted by GreekSkier View Post

Line Sir Francis Bacon 2014/15 skis and Marker Jester 16 2014/15 bindings

Are these skis used or new?  I'm assuming that they are used because they have bindings mounted. :dunno


That price is okay but not great. 

For instance, the price is 537 USD.  Right now you can buy new Line Sir Francis Bacon's for $460.00 flat here in the us.   I'm not sure how easy it is to find them in Europe. 


Because this was such a popular ski, it may not be easy to find your size, so maybe the deal you found is the right deal for you. 

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Thanks for your quick reply! Skis and bindings are new

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Originally Posted by GreekSkier View Post

Thanks for your quick reply! Skis and bindings are new

Hint, Hint, may be you should ask Trekchick if she can get them for you. I think she knows someone who sells that.;)

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Keep in mind that Europeans ( and I assume Greece ) have a lot of VAT ( 15%-20% ) included in the price of all their goods.

There is no sales tax added after the fact, it is included in the sticker price.  In this case 500 Euros

Today 500E = about  $540 US


A typical eBay seller has new flat SFBacons on for $420 $US.

Add a Jester ( $220+  ) and a lot of VAT to the total .... I would not complain about 500 Euros.

And if mounting is included, than that is an additional bonus.


OP:  I always buy a demo-binding for my skis so that I can play with mount point.

The Marker Griffon/Jester demos have independent heel AND toe tracks

They can accommodate any boot size,  and /or move the entire binding forward or back.

You would be surprised what even 1cm can do to the feel of a ski

A demo-binding might be $40-$50 more than a non-demo

... especially on a ski like the Line Bacon or Line Opus where mount point if often debated.


~ Andy

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That's true Andy, I put a lot of thought for the stance I want my bindings to be, because I did read a lot of talking around the subject (Plus the bindings are being installed by them so yeah thats a bonus i guess). I came to the decision of going near the Pollards stance (-20mm) but a bit to the back (-30mm). I have read so many reviews and I don't even know who is right and who is wrong (I guess everyone is right but its like what is more comfortable for them). I made the decision/commitment to buy them so I guess I will come back at some point to say a few words about the skis (Didn't know about that Max Capacity, but I am a bit far away from Trekchick, i guess). I really liked the bindings as well and I think that the Jester is one of the very good bindings for all-around. 


Damn I just read about the demo-binding. You are totally right, like that you have been ideal... According to the snow condition adjusting your stance. Is it like Marker Jester and Marker Jester demo (completely different model) or can I add the "rails" afterwards (Im guessing it uses a rail mechanism to adjust it)?


Furthermore, this is my first all-around skis and they will be my everyday skis, a friend of mine have praised them big time so I am really curious to ride them! So excited right now, bad thing the mountains in Greece are starting to close, due to the good weather (summer incoming pretty fast in the Mediterranean!). I'm thinking of going to a summer camp (Les2Alpes) this year to test the skis and learn some tricks.


What is the status where you are at? Are the mountains keeping the snow or even had snowfall lately?


Have a nice day,


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