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Glorious Outer Limits Closing Day (other parts of Killington stay open)  

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I went up to Killington for big spring bumps today.  Outer Limits was the centerpiece, with a few Wildfire and Superstar runs thrown in.

Conditions were great once you got past a few bare spots right at the top.



Did laps on OL for about 4 hours, except for a couple of Wildfires (easier bump run that loops around OL) to remind my body what it is supposed to feel like.  Honestly, I was only happy with last couple OL's.  Wildfire and Superstar were significantly easier -- I was able to ski those bumps very aggressively.


The bump gods came out on OL about 1:30.  There were 4 or 5 guys doing what I call "sewing machine" skiing where it is all absorbtion.  No pesky judges to mark down the "turns" score component.  And two guys telemarking them.  I also saw a lot more good bump boarders than I am used to.


Superstar was tons of fun, but much easier.  Here is a randon skier taken from the lift.  You can see the full-on spring snow consistency (and it's a fun picture).



The big muscles in my legs were doing fine, but the small ones in my lower legs were screaming.  So I went in and sat down from 3:30 to 3:45 and then went out for a last  run:


I've got a good drill for taking a more  direct line in the bumps -- try to make last chair.  I made it, with 2 minutes to spare.  So I got two last runs.

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OL  is done, but Superstar will live on.


The main part is over here, piled above the headwall.



Superstar is a short headwall, a long flat piece, and then the final steeper pitch;



For the rest of the spring, Killington is giving 25% off on weekends and 50% off during the week if you have a season pass to another mountain.  The online advance purchase deal was slightly better than that, but worth remembering.

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Here's the lower flatter part of OL and the view from the bottom.

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Thanks for the virtual tour @mdf!

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Killington spring bump skiing reminds me of when @Philpug was in the east and did the annual Bumpheast. A tradition I only got to experience in the year it was in Stowe, but, maybe next year the eastern Bears can revive it. @mdf great you did the bell to bell bump skiing, you are the man!

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It's kinda funny how all that bright sunshine on white snow confused my phone.  The sky wasn't really black.  Thanks for the comments, all!

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Nice pics.

Reminds me of the good old days. Had a Killington pass for 8 seasons. Maybe that's why the bumps look so familiar. :D  

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Looks like amazing spring conditions!  Brings back memories.

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Fun ridge running there!  

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Did you ski it without the pack or carried the baggage all day?

That pile of snow on top of superstar is insane. Saw it a few weeks ago when it was frozen solid. You get off the lift and have an enormous pile to hike up or traverse around. They had paths cut through it to go off the back to Bear Mt. The walls there were like 8 ft tall.
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He has to carry the pack now or fans don't recognize him.
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That's true. They have to be close enough to see the collectible boots.
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