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You can use your true bar to measure base bevel. Place it flat on the ski as if checking for flatness. You should see daylight over the edges. This daylight will look like a triangle of light above the edges. This represents the base bevel. Now slowly lift up one side of the true bar. When the triangle of light disappears your true bar is the same angle as the base edge. Note how high you lifted the other end of the straight edge. A rise of 1 mm of the true bar 50 mm from the edge represents an angle of 1.14 degrees.


FWIW, I found when I first got on fat rockered skis they threw me in the back seat especially in powder and crud. I have learned that you want to ski a 5-point ski such as the Q98 in many conditions as if it were a SL ski. I'm on Bent Chettlers (123mm) and ZAGs (91mm) 5-point skis and they demand a forward COM or they will fly away from you like they don't want you on board.


I would examine technique after ruling out any obvious defects in tune. I find the recommended traditinal (vs center mount) mount points are a good starting place for most skis. 

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No, but I will.  There aren't any shops convenient to me that I'd trust with a straight answer.  When I have a chance, I'll check the base flatness.  I don't have the ability to check base bevel angle. I wish I had brought two pairs of skis with me last time, to see how I felt on skis that I'm accustomed to.  Will have to wait until next season.  Hopefully it will be as snowy here as this year. 

I just saw this thread and realized I hadn't followed up.  I brought the Q98 to a shop over the offseason and had them re-set the bindings.  I'm actually not sure if they moved the placement fore or aft. The edges looked fine and the bases were flat, so I didn't have the shop tune them.  Long story short, although this season has been a disaster on the east coast and I haven't skied all that much, my calf is fully healed and I'm skiing like I used to.  I was up at Mad River in January and skied the Q98s happily in some marginal conditions.  Hard moguls, soft moguls, hardpack, slush, you name it.  It was like night and day and they were enjoyable and predictable, and I was not straining my quads.  So it will remain a mystery to me why I was so unhappy last March, but I'll chalk it up to binding placement and, perhaps the lingering injury.  I'm going to Banff in a week or so and will probably bring the Q98s, unless it looks like hardpack.  Thanks for all the responses!

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