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Help Focus My Search

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For the last several years I've been using  Elan 888 186 as my moderate-to-hard snow skis.  I love them dearly and would continue with them into eternity but, unfortunately, all things must end and these skis are getting chewed up and used up.  I need to start a search for a new set of skis to fill the gap they will leave.  I am gear averse in that I don't follow what is available and find it incredibly boring to talk about equipment so I've got no idea about what is out there on the market.  I figured the gear heads here might give me a hand in focusing my interest so that when we have a ski season again I can begin to winnow my choices.



Age 61

Height - 6' 1"

Weight 220

Skied for 52 seasons (if you count this year as a season)

Level (?)  I ski well enough to enjoy most slopes and conditions

What I like to ski:  Off piste at Mt. Baker and Stevens Pass.  We do have times when no snow falls, so these skis need to be able to handle a lot of different terrain and conditions.  I suppose they should be "all mountain," whatever that means.


Personal preferences: I want a quick turning ski that will ski fast and slow with equal aplomb. I want to be able to carve and skid at will.  I have LOVED the Elan damp feel that I've had on both the 888s and a pair of 666s that I used to have.


These skis will be paired with a set of Ullr's Chariots which will be used as my soft snow and deep/heavy crud skis.


As a long time member of Epic I would like to request that if you reply to this inquiry please include the manufacturer in the response.  I don't know how many times I've read posts here that mention something like "The  67/234 Modem 187 is just the ski for you." Which doesn't help much for a ski illiterate like me if I don't know that they are made by Head. (Just an example, I know Head doesn't make a ski of that name.)


Thanks for any help y'all may be able to give in my search.

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Maybe the new Nordica Enforcer?  I too love the damp Elans(had several pairs of 192 777s), and the older Nordica skis with metal(Blower) had a very similar feel to them.

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Thanks for the suggestion, but the Enforcer is 100 under foot and I guess I'm looking for something more like an 88.  My Chariots are 101s and I'm looking for something a little quicker edge to edge.

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If you love the Elan feel, there are plenty of 88 mm Apex's still around online.

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The 2016 Head Monster 88 could be an excellent choice. Damp and very 'traditional' feeling.

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Well if you like your Skilogik Chariot, why not their Front Burner? With a radius of 14 m, they are the turniest 84 mm skis I ever tried!

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