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AT gear for kids

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Looking to find AT kit for a 10-year old girl.  She's a super strong skier. Skis the pistes reluctantly when snow is scarce.  Loves trees and good snow. Has a newly found affection for steeps. I'm planning a trip for her to Jackson Hole, getting a guide for a week.  Want to get her something that will make heading out easier.  Bindings are the big issue, although while she's survived every condition on stock rental skis I'd love to get her a ski that is more suitable as well.


I'm only a side country sort of guy, so don't need super light set up.  Something similar to Dukes would do for her.  Half hour to hour hike outs are probably the max at this point/  Would like her to be able to ski in her Alpine boots so she can keep the confidence and control she has now.


Any thoughts would be appreciated.


AT set up for her wins.  Short track AT setup that lets her ski downhill in familiar gear is even better.


I wanted to wait until she stopped growing so I didn't have to rebuy every year, but I feel too guilty holding her back on unsuitable crap equipment.





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For what it's worth, I am planning to put my daughter on Marker Tour F12s. They'll ski like an alpine binding for her and are one of the lighter touring options without getting something that seems super fragile. Then just pick a ski. I'd be getting something light with some tip rocker.

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Your issue is going to be bootsole length. None of the popular frame bindings I'm aware of adjust smaller than a 265mm bsl (for reference, my boots are 265 and I'm a 6.5/7 women's street shoe). I think Silvretta makes a kid AT binding, but don't know of any others. I've heard of people modifying fritschis or adult silvrettas. It would be a pricy option, but you might be able to make techs workt...Dynafit tlt5 boots come in a 257 bsl ( there might even be one smaller).
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Thanks for the help. Gives me a few leads to follow.

I was aware of the Silvrettas, but need to do the research to see if they'll take a traditional downhill boot -- or whether there is a kids AT boot with good downhill performance.

She skis all over the mountain -- including enjoying bumps -- so I don't want to hamper her performance too much with a super light/weak feeling boot.

Will let you know how it turns out. Lots of time of figure out before next Christmas, but now is sale season!
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You'll go broke keeping her in AT gear when she starts growing like a weed.  

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Screw these plates to the bottom of her boots, or mod them to make tech fittings work. CAST touring - does the conversion but says sold out 


Then get her these bindings. Way better than that marker garbage. 

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So we went ahead and pulled the trigger on a pair of Fischer Watea 84s with Marker Tour F12s. I can certainly understand the appeal of Dynafits, but it seems a bit unnecessary unless you are planning to do more real touring.

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