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Youth Fitness Programs

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Hi Lisamarie,

Youth summer camps seem to be geared to specific sports. Are you aware of any programs that offer fitness specific programs (how to get fit and establishing good fitness in everyday) for youngsters 12 and older? In the North east? A program that encompasses facets of quickness, agility, coordination, balance, flexibility, concentration, intro to weights, nutrition, hydration, rest, etc?

If you will, a "how to be an athlete" camp.
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There SHOULD be one, but most of what I see either deals with youth weight loss, or sport specific stuff.
The Sports Authority has teamed up with boys and girls club of America to form the Fitness Authority, but its hard to find a direct link to any specific programs. In the same way, Nike supposedly offers youth fitness camps, but once again, can't find a direct link.

May be a good project for us Bears to think about. Put a New England ski resort to use over the summer. Maybe make it a family off season traiing camp?
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Tell them to start breakdancing...
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Beer works for me as a fitness program, but I see why it may not on 12 year olds...

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