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Hamstring Exercises

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By now, most of you understand the importance of strong hamstrings. There are many hamstring exercises on this forum, but they are somewhat spread out. So here are a bunch of sites that show some traditional as well as non traditional hamstring exercises.
Please note: Some of the form demonstrated is atrocious, but I'll try not to be too picky!

Here's a great article about hamstring biomechanics:

Here's a site for masochists! But also a good explaination of the imporatance of hamstrings for athletes!

More perhaps later! Have fun!
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Originally posted by Lisamarie:

Here's a site for masochists! But also a good explaination of the imporatance of hamstrings for athletes!

Only masochists get bigger and stronger The author of that article is one of the better writers for t-mag. You can find a ton of his other articles on that site, almost all of them are worth reading. The last exercise he mentions are good mornings, and let me say, you've never truely experienced a sore ass till you've done a few sets of them! [img]smile.gif[/img]

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I like the round wheel thingy. My hamsters seem to like it too. And those dudes are strong!!! I have two taking turns running my old VW Bug.

Seems like an odd topic, or did I misread?

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Someone has a post in general skiing about a knee injury. Someone else mentioned the importance of hamstring exercises for injury prevention. I realize there are a bunch of them on this site, but going through all the searches is a drag.
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What would be the best way (most PC), for me, to suggest to a couple of female acquaintances to do more hamstring work in the gym?

Currently they do: light squats, leg press, leg extension, and stiff leg deadlift w/ dumbells. I'd like to see them dump the extensions (a pointless and unnatural exercise for a healthy knee IMO) and add curls and/or hyperextensions.

They like the quad work 'cause they're "good at it".
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The 2 most functional things they can probably do are dead lifts and stability ball bridges with hamstring curl {One of the exercises shown above}
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Also the "good mornings" that bdc88 mentioned.
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This may be a little late, but here it is.

Warren, you may want to mention to them that most orthopods feel that one of the big reasons that women tear the ACL easier than men, is the ratio of hamstring to quad strength. I believe w/women, it is more 1:1. My orthopod recommends getting the hamstrings to 120% of quad strength. After my ACL reconstruction, you can be that I hit the hamstrings and really don't emphasize the quads.

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Number 2 (of the last "masochistic" one) is a killer.

I performed two of these.

I dont think Ill be able to walk for the next two weeks.


anyone else try this one??? results?
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i guess this thread is a little old, but w/e:

on performing #6 in the t-mag painful 7 (the band stomp) does it matter if you lock your knee when you do it (maybe you have to I haven't tried the exercise yet).

I just don't want to mess with my knees... [img]smile.gif[/img]
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No, I don't think you have to lock it. Just don't use a rocking motion coming from the non-working leg to help on the stomp.
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