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I had the surgery done about 8 years ago.  I do still have some pain when doing certain activities and a little loss of range of motion in the joint, but I would go back and do it again in a heartbeat.  Having a stable shoulder joint again is so totally worth it to me.


But... every situation is different and no one here can tell you what is going to be best for you.  If, after talking with your doctors, you feel that the surgery is the right decision for your situation, then that's your answer.

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While I've delayed having the surgery, my spouse has had both shoulders done.  She had rotator cuff tears coupled with bicep tears from impingement.  While her recovery was no cake walk, she is pretty much 100%.


My decision is different.  Unlike her, I have no pain in my shoulders.  I do have reduced function, but not so much that it impacts my life.  The issue for me is whether it will come out again.  And most likely it will.  But until it becomes a nuisance, it doesn't seem to me to be worthwhile to go through the time off and rehab.  I've little doubt that I'll have to do it sometime, but as my ortho says, it's elective.


Your situation may be different.



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one year after my chronic ac dislocation (type 3), my doc says i have delayed the  surgery, hence difficult to get it fixed, is it true?, i always have pain on my shoulder blade and think surgery would help. any advice from any one

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Hey guys I just dislocated my shoulder ... Again... For the third time.. I'm only 18 first time in rugby then tennis and just this morning just by doing Jack knifes frown.gif I'm so down now because I can't do the sports I love or even workout... I think I'll just take time now or my shoulder will get worse
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Sorry to hear about your issues.  I've had 4 dislocations on my right shoulder and 1 on my left.  I asked my surgeon if I should have the right one repaired the last time it came out (a year ago in a bike accident) -- he said that he wouldn't if he was in my position unless it severely limited his activities.


Recovery from the surgery is pretty long and can be quite painful.  You basically won't be able to do much for at least 6 months.  Of course, if it is dislocating easily and PT isn't solidifying it, then you might have to have the surgery done.



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A friend couldn't wave good bye without either one falling out. She taught all her buddies how to put them back in. She's finally fixed, but had a miserable few years.
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