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I was just watching Dynamic Balance, put out by Stott Pilates

This is by far the best stability ball video I have seen thus far. Although it is Pilates based, you do not need a Pilates background for this tape.

What makes this tape superior to others is the sequencing. It begins with breathing exercises that teach core activation. Then, it continues with a short series of postural alignment exercises. By developing the alignment and core activation first, you are more likely to achieve better form in the workout.

Many of these can be incredibly useful for skiers. There are some great scapula stabilization exercises that would be useful for those of you who have a tendency towards rotator cuff injury, as well as those who have been corrected on their upper body alignment during pole plant.

There are also some really cool plantar and dorsi flexion exercises, which become integrated with core, glute and hamstring strength.

Oh and before anyone says {again} what inevitably gets said on any of these threads, yes yes yes, we all know that you still need to lift weights and do cardio! [img]smile.gif[/img]
Check it out!

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