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Pre-surgery exercises

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Well, the dear hubby is going under the knife. Suffered a meniscus tear and a partially torn MCL in one of those dreaded "slow, twisting falls" week before last.

I told him to start his exercises now, before the scope, so his recovery would be faster. I did leg lifts with my toe turned out (for VMO), some light step work, etc., before my meniscus surgery -- BUT I've never had ligament damage (knock on major wood), and I wouldn't want to advise anything that would be counterproductive.

We will call the doctor/pt about this, but in the meantime, does anyone have advice?
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I'm not sure what to do with the injured leg, but I would recomend lifting heavy with the non-injured leg both before and after the surgery. There is evidence that you can help prevent the loss of inervation in the injured leg by exercising the non-injured leg.
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With a torn MCL, surgery is USUALLY not required and it usually takes between four and eight weeks to recover.


Surgery may be for meniscus only?


Commit to the doctor's prescribed plan. Good luck!
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Originally posted by Whygimf:
Surgery may be for meniscus only?

.... [QB]
Yes, it is. Not for MCL. But since the MCL is injured, too, I was curious whether he could start exercises yet. Thanks for the info ...
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See a physical therapist (after talking to your doc, of course) your doc will write instructions for pre-surgery excercise. I did this with an ACL reconstruct....my mcl was torn as well and after some leg curls to strengthen the area befor surgery, they treated the mcl with medicine under an electrode. (apparently the electricity gets the medicine deeper??) it really helped though, didnt have MCL pain for a couple days after they did that.

Point being is that I was doing low stress excersise (hamstring cursl, pool excercises, leg lifts and band excersises to strengthen the muscles (hams) around the knee to shorten recovery, as well as support the knee prior, regardless of having a torn MCL.

pre surgery excercise good, but it should be supervised by a therapist and authorized by a doctor ...

(edited to stress AUTHORIZED BY A DOCTOR..)

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