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injury cluster - now its my knee

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I hit a tree skiing backwards (bruised spine), 3 days later I sprain my big toe and scrape flesh off my palm tripping over a curb in light jogging, and last weekend, I ski - and at the end of the day my knee gets pain. Didn't feel anything while skiing. Its sorta pain on the inside edge of the top of the lower leg bone. I rested, iced and advilled it, and pain went away after a couple days, felt no pain walking. But tried running and 1/4 mile later the pain came back. What the heck is this????? did I all of a sudden get old???

anyone else have injury clusters? I can deal with the bruises and cuts, this knee issue is a me. :
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Injury clusters suck! A couple weeks ago I went head first off a cornice, and tweaked my neck. A few days later later, on the way to the gym, a nail ripped a two inch gash in my palm. I taped it up and proceded to the gym. At the gym I managed to rupture the ligament connecting my clavicle to my sternum. Now my collar bone is sticking out a good centimeter more than it should. I had my roomates stand on it..... doesn't want to go back into place. My season is done
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Hey, I managed an injury cluster in one fall (or is that multiple injuries? ). Caught an edge on some rocks hiding under nice powder on my first day at Big Sky. The result is 23 stitches in my head (2 lacerations), a cast around my hand for the thumb, and a back and chest that hurt a week after (bruised muscles). I skied from opening to close on the other days, powder and bumps, but couldn't get myself to do my usual jumps and tricks. That back hurts!

Oh, and I have a very nice helmet now... And my cast is the best, it was heat-molded around my ski pole so I could continue to ski

Good luck for your recovery.

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