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Review:Line Supernatural 92



Length Tested:179

Dimensions/Turn Radius:  20m

Camber:  Early Rise Tip w/ camber,

Binding: Attack 13 Demo

Mount point: Suggested (boot center)



Environment & Conditions:

Location of Test: Squaw valley

Number of Runs: ~15

Snow Conditions:Soft groomed/ungroomed in the morning, Very soft in the afternoon; Shirley: Icy, with some windswept boilerplate, soft bumps in the afternoon.

Demo or Own: Own


Tester Info:

Username: Afterburn

Age: 45

Height/Weight: 6'2" 200 lbs

Ski Days/Season:~30

Years Skiing:5

Aggressiveness: : / Moderate(Finesse)

Current Quiver: Moment Underworld, Elan Spectrum 105alu, Line Prophet 92

Home Area:

Preferred Terrain:  groomers, bumps, off-piste, trees


This ski delivered exactly what I expected it to. A medium radius all mountain charger. On the ice its hold was quite competent. It has a pretty substantial tail w/o any real rocker. The tip rocker is pretty subtle and Line built a progressive flex into the tip which is intended to engage the tip quickly and use a lot of the lightly rockered portion. I can say, simply by looking down in a turn, that it works pretty much like that. My size probably helps, but its a great design. 


That progressive tip w/ a little rocker also helps adsorb soft to medium bumps in 3D snow. Hard bumps however were surprisingly jarring. But this is a light stiff ski. Didn't have the chance to ski it in fresh at all. But I can tell by the way it handled soft conditions that it will be quite comfortable in up to maybe 6-8 inches.


I like the combination of a moderately wide turn (20m) with light swing weight. If you want to throw them around and billy goat down a tight spot, or just change direction quickly in a tight spot, they are quite capable. In fact, quicker edge to edge than Head Rev80 pro. But they are quite stable at speed and don't feel the least bit hooky.


All in all a very versatile ski. Leaving for squaw that day, I wondered if my Moment Underworlds would be a better choice for the spring conditions. But I really wanted to ski my new ski. I was surprised by how icy Shirley was, and this was definitely the better choice for that. But what really surprised me is how soft and bumped out the rest of Squaw was in comparison (Shirley is North Facing for those who don't know). And how well this ski handled both. It cut through the softer stuff with great precision and stability, whereas my underworlds kind of surf and flatten everything.


Is a great western ski for charging groomers, shaking the trees, and manky 3D snow. Probably would be a great off-piste ski for eastern areas that call 6" a pow day.