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check this out!

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Whaddya' think?

[ February 12, 2003, 10:40 PM: Message edited by: Lisamarie ]
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uh oh. something else to kill myself with... (crashed last week skiing, landed directly on head, mild concussion, whiplash, broken thumb, much bruising.)(ouch, went skiing day after though, so im ok)


- looks really fun
- good for snojones
- asphalt is a LOT harder than snow.
- How do you stop???
- whats difference between this and rollerblades?

[ February 13, 2003, 09:34 AM: Message edited by: LindaA ]
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Liike it!
Answers to Linda thoughts:
-Asphalt is a lot harder than snow...
and a road roughly of the same steepnes of a green slope looks scarier (also, there are no trucks on a slope!!)
I say this because I use to play that way with my rollerblades
-How do you stop?
Pray, pray and pray some more, to have room at the bottom...
-I see these differencies:
-Ones need to buy normal bindings (but can use his ski boots, warm in summer!!) so maybe a bit more $$ than rollerblades, cost factor!
-On Rollerblades, ones need to be extremely centered or will
fall immediately. These things seems a bit longer than Rollerblades so may be a bit more forgiving. Also, being a bit longer, one will probably need to use "proper" skiing technique ( compared to Rollerblade where one may be tempted to simply pivot the turns)
- I'd like to try 'em!
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Last but not least,
There are no lifts!!!!!!!

Hope you heal well. Best wishes!
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I think I will just stick with the Palmer Snowfield thank you very much!

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Warning-Be aware of Stationary or Moving objects that could cause irreparable damage to user. Road surfaces are subject to change. Watch for Cracks,Rocks,Pot holes,RXR,domestic animals, Petroleum products and law enforcement personal. Use @ your own risk. That is all.
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I guess it means most runs are black, unless you go off-piste (or off-road) in which case you end up on green runs. Something just doesn't sound right there does it?

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actually most of the bike tracks I skate on are concrete - so they are white runs just like the ones I use in winter....

Yes Linda - asphalt is VERY hard... wear the protective gear & have a lesson or 2 & learn the good stuff on treating & dressing grazes... HELMETS are very good!

I don't like the look of those things
- long length = hard to do parallel turn in short turn? You use this for speed control (like on a 3-4 foot wide bike track)
- no brake :
- rigid ski boot & skate... hmmm remember you do not have 'carve' skates & you do not have a skis length & edge... nah flexing at ankles is GOOD when skating - the VERY first thing I learnt was how to FALL ... but you need to fall OVER the front of the skate - those things are too long - so you lose 1 emergency stop procedure there too...
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