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Forward Lean and Quad/Glut muscles

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Got to ski my last day of season in new Icelantic Stormtroopers. They have 5 different forward lean settings, which was pretty cool to play around with. The second most forward lean ended up being great with much better feel, stability, and control. But it also left my quads and gluts burning after 4 runs. It was the end of about 6 hours skiing, so no doubt that was part of it.  I realize the more forward lean there is, the more this is going to be. But I would be interested in a discussion of tradeoffs and ways to compensate for upright/forward stances.

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you should be able to ski more then 4 runs without leg burn.   Maybe that is NOT the best?

also maybe you need a more upright boot, but to me mounted more forward on the ski?   or a different binding ramp angle?


lots of OTHER variables too.


maybe talking with a ski instructor/coach, AND a boot fitter might help more then trying this yourself?

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I will probably do just that in the fall. But I am trying to understand better what is going on now. Both for my own intellectual curiosity and to give me the opportunity to work on the proper muscle groups over the summer.


I say that the forward lean was best because it significantly improved my control and stability on the skis. I was in very soft snow with flat tailed, relatively firm, cambered skis (Line Supernatural 92). Lots of people do this, but I often have (a little) trouble releasing the tails of skis like this in these conditions. In fact, I had had that happen a few times that day, before I leaned the boots forward more.


Before leaning the boots forward, I had tried moving the binding forward about 1 to 1.5 cm (Attack 13 demo bindings) which with some skis I find helps. But it made the Supernaturals hard to ski. The tail suddenly felt very very stiff and kept wanting to wash out, especially over hard bumps in shady areas that were still somewhat frozen. When I put them back to the recommended line and leaned my boots forward, I felt that forward pressure on the tip of the skis suddenly caused 3x as much response in the skis such that very subtle movements now brought about a whole new level of responsiveness.


Also, I find that when I am in a more upright stance, the front of my foot wants to come up. My foot isn't swimming in the boot, and i probably doesn't actually move much, but I can feel the imbalance if you know what I mean? Even in a cast, you can pressure one side of the cast or the other. So then I need to lean forward more (when I am upright) into the tongues, but still don't feel I get the control I got by leaning the boots forward more. It felt more natural and balanced letting the boot introduce that lean, but I am open to suggestions about form to explore with my instructor (our whole family uses the same guy from time to time) in the fall.  Ultimately, the thigh burn could have simply been lack of conditioning due to not using those muscles much previously. Like I said, this was first day in the new boot, which was overall a very good day. The bootfitter did a great job and it was the best fit i've ever had. And those 4 runs (after changing the forward lean) were at the end of the day.


Just trying to explain in greater detail. I am still open to the idea that I want to be more upright and ski differently, but if so, I want to understand what "ski differently" is all about. I'll get farther faster in a lesson if I do.

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