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Hey folks- new to the forum. Question on boots

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Hello my name is Randy. I purchased some new Lange ski boots 2 yrs ago and my feet have been in serious pain whenever i use them. This is making skiing not enjoyable at all.  I am considering getting my own custom boots at Surefoot even though it is expensive.  My question is is there anything i can do to my current boots to make them work for me before i go spend a fortune on custom boots?  I did see a professional fitter but I went with a 27.5 boot when maybe i should have gone with a 28 boot (my foot size is 10).  I know the boot fitters can modify the boot shell but i dont want to do that and then risk ruining another ski trip because of pain,,i kinda want to just know that my boots are perfect so theres no anxiety about whether i will have fun or not. I would very much appreciate some advice.  Many thanks



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maybe this might help?



a bit more info, will help us give you a much better answer..

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A few things.  There are many fitters besides Surefoot that can help.  A size ten foot may be able to use a size 26 boot or may be in a 27, but never a 28.  So part of the problem is your boot is too large.


I don't know how it happened but certainly it is typical.  Either you waited on yourself, or went to a shop that is unfamiliar with boot fitting, you told them you were a size 10, they converted improperly and no one did a shell fit.


Go to a good shop, have your foot measured for Modo length (length of your foot in cms) and width such as C,D, E etc. and then start with a boot in the proper length and width.  Do a shell fit to check to determine if indeed the length and width are good and if there are shell mods necessary.  Find the one with the snuggest fit and fewest mods necessary (unfortunately snuggest and fewest may not be present in the same shell) so I'd generally pick snuggest and make all necessary mods.


Get a good footbed made if necessary and have fun.



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Sorry I misread.   You went with the 27 rather than the 28.  That's good the 28 would have been to big but so may be the 27.  Also, you say you don't want the shell modified but are considering going to Surefoot for a custom boot.  I think the definition of a customized boot is one in which the shell is modified.


We don't really have enough information here to help much.  Perhaps with pictures of your feet and some information about width and volume and the boot you are using we can help.  Perhaps.  But so far everything is too general.


Send pics, information on where it hurts and when, and the boot model not just the company and then we'll have something to go on.



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Hi Lou-  Thanks so much!  I was fitted by a boot fitter and the boots felt great when i tried them on. Then of course when i started skiing they became painful.  I attached some pics of my foot with an arrow indicating the region where the pain is.  i may see a podiatrist before going back to the boot fitter.  Do you feel the shell just needs to be blown out a bit more around the region of the pain?  The pain is the worst when I am making turns and really leaning/placing pressure on the outer side of my feet.   Also for some odd reason my left foot feels like its not completely flat inside the boot when i walk; like somehow it naturally tilts to the left- i feel it the most when i walk.  the boots are canted properly so i dont think its that.  And lastly when i just put the inner boot (without the shell) on my feet do feel kinda mushed together So im not sure if the problem is my foot or the inner boot, or shell and i certainly dont want to blow $1200 at Surefoot unless i know it will help. Would appreciate any advice





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is it better with the 2 toe buckles looser or tighter?


and you dont have liners or footbeds in the wrong boots?


might just need some more width too.



also check this and answer this please

Check List for Fitting

1) You just have one, thin, clean ski sock in the boots
2) You just have a sock in the boot? (no thermals, jewelry, etc)
3) Your toe nails are trimmed short?
4) They are YOUR boots and not borrowed?
5) You are just skiing in your ski boots? (not walking, driving etc)?
6) You dry your liners out at night either with a dryer or remove liners?
7) The left liner, the left footbed are in the left boot and this is on the left foot?
8) You are loosening the buckles if you are not skiing (while standing, on lifts, etc)
9) You are not skiing all day in new boots? They need time to break in
10) Buckles are pointing to the outside?

So your boots are the right size, AND you are doing everything else right, but still the boots are not 100% right. These questions will help a boot fitter will have a better understanding of the problem and can start to help you:

Things to Ask:  Better Or Worse = (BOW)

1) BOW with the buckles tighter or looser?
2) BOW with thinner or thicker socks?
3) BOW with any footbeds (custom, stock, none, etc)?
4) BOW skiing, standing, or feet un-weighted (hanging off a chair lift)?
5) BOW throughout the day (and when does the pain start?)
6) BOW on the first vs the third day?
7) BOW on harder or easier terrain?
8) BOW with the power straps (Velcro straps) tighter or looser?
9) BOW if you do any particular movements, or actions?
10) Any medical, health, or weight changes since you used them last?

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The navicular is the bone in front of and below your inside ankle bone (medial malleolus).  It is hard to tell form the angle but it looks to me as if it sticks out during weight bearing nearly as much as your malleolus.  It is often caused by excess pronation.  Often when that happens it contacts the shell when you turn with that leg as the downhill leg because your foot pronates even more.  The pressure between your navicular and the shell pushes your forefoot laterally and puts pressure on the part of the foot you are highlighting.  It is not unusual for it to hurt more on the lateral side of the foot than the medial (navicular) side.


Fixes - good supportive footbed, room made in the shell navicular area.    


You can do a shell fit and with your bare feet all the way into the heel pocket check for space between the shell and the navicular.  If there is none you've probably found the problem.           


You should only need the visit to the podiatrist if there isn't a local shop that can make a good footbed.



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Thanks Lou-  so i should push my heel all the way back in the shell and if there is any contact on both sides of my foot then that would be the region to blow it out a bit more? should i blow out on both sides or just the lateral side?


Also any idea why my left foot feels like its tilting toward the lateral side?  


thanks so much 

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I would not punch out both sides, yet,  If I am right then punching the navicular area will probably fix everything.


Your foot feels like it is tilting if I'm right, because the loading on the medial side props up the medial side, pushes your foot laterally so it contacts the lateral side and then inverts.

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thanks Lou- can you please sum up what I should tell the boot fitter when i go back? 


appreciate your help 

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Well, first you have to confirm the problem is the navicular.  If it is then you need to punch gently in the area.  You may have to shop for fitters.  Most won't have any familiarity.



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how do i know if it is? 

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I mentioned it earlier.  With a shell fit and looking for space between the navicular and the shell.



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