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Hot soaks

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Whats the scoop these days on long hot baths or showers directly after hard exercise. Preferable to nothing? Or is cold better?
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The russians loved to alternate 1 minute hot/1 minute cold showers to aid in muscle recovery. I'm not sure that there's much scientific evidence to support this though. As for long hot baths/showers, I don't think they are of any benefit for muscle recovery. They feel good though [img]smile.gif[/img]

Lately I've been icing my exercised muscles, while under a forced stretch. Some swear by it, but I haven't really noticed anything significant. I might try icing one leg, and seeing if there is a noticable difference in recovery time.

Compression sleeves around an exercised muscle might improve recovery time. Research is very preliminary though.
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I enjoy jumping into a hottub after a day on the slopes, but I would take a shower rather than a bath. Then again, I'm weird.

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Not so Fot, me too prefer a shower over a bath...
Anyway, I've rediscovered the pleasure of a hot bath tub after a day on the slopes, especially it the days have been cold.
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just be careful, injury and hot bath/tubs dont mix, any swelling will get much worse in hot water. ice, ice, ice.
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Thanks Linda. I was thinking that may be the case.
Should have more cold showers anyway...
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Here's a good article on things you can do to recover from a workout.

Summary: massage is good, rest is good, cold is good, hot is good, decent diet is good.
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...and beer is the best
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Originally posted by LindaA:
just be careful, injury and hot bath/tubs dont mix, any swelling will get much worse in hot water. ice, ice, ice.
I've been known to sit in the jacuzzi tub with one leg sticking out with an ice pack on it.

I think the heat/massage helps immensely with loosening up sore or tight muscles, but anything involving swelling requires ice.
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i'll soak in hot water pre-skiday; loosens the muscles a bit and warms me up. from tub to first layer of skiwear, sealing in the warmth (or so i've convinced myself).

and soak again after a skiday, then plenty of stretching (and water intake).

my "water therapy," usually put into use the morning after a previous night of a few beers, consists of immersion in jacuzzi, then back and forth between that and the cool of the pool. does wonders.
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