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Spring At Last at Saddleback

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It's been a long cold winter in many ways here at my house, not all of them good. I've been ready for spring for weeks, but several outings in the last month had failed to turn up that sunny corn snow day. On the up side, all that cold weather means that there is still a TON of snow in the Maine mountains above 2,000'. At Saddleback coverage levels are at late February / early March levels. And today I finally got my full-on, cloudless, warm spring ski day with non-stop melting-sugar bumps, along with @Sweetski and another Saddleback regular. Modest happy crowd, beer on the deck in front of the lodge, all the good spring things and none of the bad ones. No jacket required means the EpicSki vest gets its day in the sun:) 


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Hey, that lift looks pretty full. I thought Saddleback was supposed to be a backwater?

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Looks butter and well covered.  When do you think will be your last day?

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@epic, Yes, it was what I would call "comfortably busy". Never had to wait more than one or two chairs, but enough people there to make me feel like the place has a chance of surviving. That is a good thing. They certainly were selling plenty of beer and stuff on the deck. I think there were a lot of people there like me and my friends, who have been waiting all season for a break from the glowering weather. (Just last Saturday it was full winter whiteout conditions.) Seemed like mostly regulars. 


Meanwhile, how many people do you see on the slope? ;)

@ralba, they are closed during the week and will reopen next weekend for the final hurrah. If the weather is good I will try to be up there for at least one day, but not certain at this point. Given the weather forecast I expect they will lose a significant amount of base this week. Skiing next weekend may still be excellent, but probably not at quite the wall-to-wall level we saw yesterday. (Note that the trail you see in the video is all natural snow.) As far as me personally, it's not impossible I will squeeze in a day at the Loaf after Saddleback closes, if conditions smile.

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Looks good!
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Last day of the season at Saddleback. Went out with a bang - full sun, warm temps in the afternoon, still tons of snow on the trails. Made some new friends visiting from Camden Snow Bowl. In the foreground are @Sweetski and @DavidAlmon displaying the correct spring skiing attitude. :)


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