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Kinderskier, MA for fun

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Owen is my kindergartner buddy that I have been skiing with this winter.  The nice thing about Kindergarten is the fact that you get out of school early enough to get up on the hill for a few hours of skiing in the afternoon.  Dad spent the season rehabbing after knee surgery so I get to ski with Owen now & then.


Nothing too structured, just a lot of follow me, leap frog & some fun drills & tasks.  Owen "wuvs the wips" in the park & has me jumping higher & farther than I probably should.  He landed his first air to fakey attempt last week without a hitch.  He knows the difference between skidding/pivoting & carving & asks remarkably insightful questions for a kid of his age.  He even does accurate MA on other skiers on the hill.


Sometimes he gets the arms right & other times he doesn't, but watch his legs & how the skis track.  Sorry about the shaky video, I just followed him with my phone so dad could see his progress..




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So... he'll be a Level 3 by age 16 at this rate!

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Originally Posted by FlyingFish View Post

So... he'll be a Level 3 by age 16 at this rate!

LIII by 8 & WC by 16 if he shows interest in racing. Haven't had a chance to get him in gates but his technique definitely resembles Bode... Probably why it will take him a few years for LIII 😜 .
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Amazing in a kid that age. Good work Jim!
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That's seriously good skiing for a 5 year old or any age for that matter, technically very sound and so graceful. Superb stuff O-man

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